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We are renowned for our famous Double your turnover workshop (or the Beat the Tenant Fee Ban Workshop as  it has become known recently, and our legendary bootcamp… it is from the bootcamp that lives are changed… Chris Watkin on a recent interview (available on video) asked me what do we do to people on the bootcamp, because they come out transformed, its like Voodoo.

At the bootcamp, we work with the delegates to completely break down their business model, piece by piece and basically help them put it back together as to how it could be, as a much more highly profitable and exciting business… we then can offer to help and support them through these changes via the AR Xcelerator Programme if they want more support.

The ARX programme is a 12 month support programme to aid agents in making the massive changes to their business, but to also give them the tools and the community to aid them to do just that.

We also run around another 20 courses each year many of which are one day workshops, focusing on the implementation and improvement skills of specific tasks or roles in a letting agency business.

Various Dates

Agent Rainmaker Growth Workshop

Location: London and Wolverhampton

£197 + VAT per person

The one day events are true WORKSHOP style days, where Sally and her team will take you through her 6 step SYSTEM that has already helped many agents Double and Treble their turnover.

You will learn how to BEAT the competition & Online agents, Structure and Systemise your back end to reduce workload and add MULTIPLE layers of income to your business.

Various Dates

4 Day Property Agent Bootcamp

Location: Wolverhampton

The Treble Your Turnover Bootcamp is a Fully-LOADED 4-day event, where expert coach Sally Lawson will share her knowledge and experience from nearly 30 years in the industry. She will teach you what she did to build numerous letting agency businesses, including a national franchise operation that achieved 500% growth in 5 years.

You will learn the tried and tested formula for operating a letting agency at the highest levels in-depth, so you can optimise your income and create a systemised, self-running business – the agency of your dreams.

4th - 6th October '19

Agent Rainmaker Live 2019

Location: London

This is an event for Letting Agents that are on a MISSION to not just be good, but those that want to be the BEST. To grow HUGE businesses and double or treble their turnover in the next 5-10 years, whilst building highly motivated and accountable teams.

15th October '19

Basic Legal Training


£297 + VAT

Learn the KEY Legislation your staff need to know from Day 1, to be safe, compliant and understand the essentials for Lettings and Property Management.

This is a legislation focused course run by Dawn Bennett, an experienced professional with over 16 years in the industry, she has managed 1000’s of properties, teams of tenancy managers, Letting agency branches at both board level and on the ground.

13th November '19

Prospecting Workshop

Location: Wolverhampton


Learn the techniques that you need to generate prospects from your existing database and boost your income.

On this one day course you will learn how to:

Generate instructions from your existing database

Fill your landlord seminars

Call cold online leads without getting the phone put down on you

How to use high level conversion techniques utilising the Rant Method to convert let only landlords to fully managed.

19th December '19

Lettings Manager Workshop

Location: Wolverhampton

£297 + VAT per person

This is where you learn how to make EVERY single one of your TEAM members accountable for achieving the number required in YOUR business

How to GET stuff done (and STOP doing it yourself)

How you literally SQUEEZE THE JUICE, out of every functions and make sure each are working the their fully optimised level

This is where you learn how to RUN a HIGH PERFORMING Lettings TEAM and become market leaders.

6th Feb '20

Advanced Legal Day

Location: Wolverhampton

£297 + VAT per person

Property legislation can be a MINEFIELD and keeping up with the lastest changes can be difficult. But don't despair.

We teach how to use Legislation as a tool, rather than a setback. Using legislation to persuade Landlord’s to take Fully Managed, striking fear that if management is done incorrectly, it could result in heavy fines and even jail!

This workshop is a MUST for anyone wanting to deliver the best service to their landlords.

12th March '20

Lead Generation, Conversion and Listing Workshop

Location: Wolverhanmpton


How to CONVERT Let Only Landlords into Fully Managed Landlords and DOUBLE your Landlord VALUATION conversions overnight Plus, NEVER have to compete on price again…

19th March '20

The Profit Making Tenancy Manager Workshop

Location: Wolverhampton

£297 + VAT per person

Turn your Tenancy Managers into Opportunity seeking, Up-selling, Landlord pleasing Team Members, With a shared vision for GROWING your business.

One thing we can guarantee, is that you will NEVER have been on a tenancy manager training day like THIS ONE!

We will share how to make sure you understand exactly what legislation requires various important works to be done and how to put this across in a way that your landlord clearly understands too (and never argues again)

31st July - 1st August '20

Speaking & Presenting With Impact

Location: Wolverhampton

2 day Story Development and Presentation Skills workshop run by World award winning speaker and coach Tosin Ogunnassi.

Learn to Command the stage and tell your story WITHOUT notes or fear

When you start to build your authority and expertise in a subject, one of the most common questions you will get asked, is… what’s YOUR story…

The problem is, if you haven’t learnt how to tell YOUR STORY properly, you can find yourself jabbering on, and boring the listener to tears as they try to find a reason to escape, which is pointless.

HOWEVER, by working to identify the KEY points that “Got you HERE” and learning to tell them and share them in an inspiring, NON BRAGGING, and engaging way, will make such a HUGE difference to you and your audience.

Further Events TBC

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