With social media becoming more and more about engaging video, we need to start looking at ways to look professional and feel confident!

Creating video doesn’t need to be complicated, and you don’t need to invest in thousands of pounds of camera’s and equipment… In fact you can produce high quality video and wow your viewers by mastering just these four elements.


Behind every compelling video is some type of story. Before filming a video, its important to consider the points you want to discuss, or the areas you want to show.

For all videos, its recommended that you create a ‘storyboard’, which typically consists of brief or in-depth notes that show where the video will go from start to finish.

You could even have six boxes on a piece of paper, and you draw in the scene each stage with a brief description. Your videographer will be grateful for this!

For a face to camera video, you could write down bullet points that you’d like to cover, and briefly glance at these during filming – this adds some structure to the storyline and you know exactly what you’re covering.

If you were doing a virtual house viewing, you could map out where you want to start and where you want to end, and bullet point all the areas you need to cover ensuring that all walk ways are clear and doors are open for relevant rooms. Creating a storyboard for your videos can take just a few moments, and makes the filming process so much easier and everyone knows exactly what is needed! – meaning you can get your masterpieces created and produced in no time at all!


The type of camera you use will determine the overall quality of your video. Fortunately, you don’t need to go out and buy the latest top tech, and most likely have your camera to hand right now that I use for a lot of my video’s.

That’s right, we’re talking about your phone! All modern smartphones today can record– meaning you can offer your viewers the best quality, using just what you have available right now.

If you want to create a stable and steady shot for your videos, you can buy a tripod online for cheap or a stabilising gimbal if you’re going to be walking around which is a bit more.

A tripod would be for stationary video’s where the camera can stay in one place, and a gimbal is recommended for virtual house viewing videos when you’ll be walking around.

These simple pieces of equipment can really add to the quality of your videos – giving your viewers a smooth tour of a property.


The location of your videos is crucial when it comes to the quality and even getting peoples attention!

You could film a great face to camera video only to discover the light coming from your window behind you makes you look like a silhouette.

For face to camera videos, try to film in a well-lit location, whether it being an area with natural light or in front of a lamp, soft box or a ring light if you have some equipment, or you could even do it outside!

It’s important to make sure your viewer can see you clearly, as they are more likely to sit and watch your video if they see a well-lit high quality video compared to a very dark video!


Where the magic happens! The purpose of using software is to finetune your video and take out parts you don’t want – like bloopers or if you forget what you’re saying!

It also allows you to add titles, effects and music – to give your videos that professional touch. There are many great software’s on the market that you can use to produce your videos, whether it’s on your phone or computer.

The most popular computer software is Adobe Premier Pro – it is considered one of the superior editing software’s as there are no limits to what you can create. But this does come at a charge.

If you’re on more of a budget then there are some free programmes you can use and still create a great looking video such as Filmora, Shotcut and Lightworks – just to name a few.

If you want to quickly cut together a few clips shot on your phone a popular choice is Adobe Rush – this is considered to be the ‘mobile version’ of Premier Pro and is one of the most advanced mobile video editing apps you can use.

You can import clips, cut out irrelevant parts, add titles, transitions and even music and voiceovers. You can then export the video directly to your phone, ready to share on any platform.

If you are an Apple user, you can use Apple’s iMovie for free from the app store. This also allows you to edit your video clips together, add titles, transitions and export your video to your camera roll, before sharing it on any platform. Editing on your phone allows for a fast turnaround as you can film, edit and export all from the same device in very little time.

OR if you don’t have time to edit your video’s you could even go to fiver.com and get your video’s edited for cheap! But it does take a few days for them to send you a final video and there could be amends so make sure you give yourself enough time!

By using these simple steps you will be creating high quality video’s that people want to stop and watch in no time!

Any burning questions about your business?