Agent Rainmaker LIVE – What a party

Question: Have you EVER seen a presenter, enter the stage on a scooter?

If not, then you probably haven’t been to Agent Rainmaker LIVE this year Many people ask, what IS Agent Rainmaker LIVE, and I’ll be honest, it’s hard to explain because it is in a league of its own, but this year we had people flying in from Australia to attend it, Northern Ireland and the USA too. I can tell you what it is NOT… It is NOT a conference, it is not a SUMMIT, it is not a TRAINING event… But what it IS, is in a category of its own and it is exclusively for Letting Agents. There was MASTERMIND evening on the Friday evening, with drinks and food included, where delegates in a relaxed environment, could sit with the speakers and coaches, their peers AND the award winning GROWTH AGENTS and ask them how they did it. 
What followed was 3 days of REAL LIFE agents on stage sharing THEIR REAL growth success stories, (some made us laugh and some made us cry too) plus, there was also SUPER EXPERT speakers, multiple authors such as Daniel Priestly and Nigel Risner, who shared how to become LEADERS in our town, how to COMMUNICATE with our teams and how to literally EXPLODE our businesses (plus broke an arrow on one of the delegates neck on stage)! Overall, it was packed with celebrity speakers, over 50 AWARD winners, dancing on stage, in the aisles and on the dance floor at the evening party, there was even a presenter that entered the stage on a SCOOTER!
The event was compered, by super energetic Mr Motivator type character, Tosin Ogunnusi from PRAGUE, who had the audience on their feet throughout, high fives, dancing, winning raffles, free things and even dance offs on stage…  he was even throwing gold coins into the audience at one point and he was aptly assisted by Kate who was shooting FREE T-shirts into the audience with her new T-shirt GUN, which got everyone going wild, to the point at one point Sally Lawson started impromptu Salsa dancing party on the stage with her husband Martin Dodd and Colleague Kate Gregory as the crowd joined in. On the Saturday evening, there was the HUGE party on the Saturday night… oh what a party! Over 50 awards given out, one very witty comedian Sally Phillips, who was hilarious and the dancing… I’ve been to many property type parties and the dance floor is empty… not this one. EVERYONE was dancing and the dancing did not stop until the music stopped at 1am. The result of the 3 days, was that so many strategies and ideas were shared for the audience to take away, including a few from the USA and Australia too, but more importantly, £34,000 was raised for Promised DREAMS, an amazing national charity that provides dreams for seriously and terminally ill children, we were also honoured to have join us one of the benefactors from the money we raised last year who as a result of the money we raised last year, had a trip of a lifetime with his mom to New York, before his sight completely vanishes due to brain tumours.
What was a really special moment was when Ethan, a young guy (16) from Manchester, that has suffered with a brain tumour since aged 4 and his amazing mom were also presented with an award from contribution to the charity presented by the absolutely wonderful comedian Sally Phillips, the whole room was again in tears…
The speakers (who had had to learn to public speak in order to be on the stage, showing REAL commitment) shared their growth stories of how they had massively increased the revenue of their businesses of anything from £100k to over £1,600,000 over the last 1-2 years and shared EXACTLY HOW THEY DID IT, so that the letting agents in the audience could go on and do the same in their businesses There was also 17 Exhibitors who attended too, with most saying it was the BEST event they had ever exhibited at, because everyone was so keen to speak with them and learn what they offered, with all pledging to return again next year.
So, what happens when you get the Agent Rainmaker Community of 300 agents, 17 exhibitors, Sally Lawson and a raft of other speakers in a conference facility? Awesomeness… that’s what The buzz throughout has been epic, throughout and after the event, and considering, many agents are looking at their feet and wondering what the hell they can do, that is pretty something Agent Rainmakers, We MAKE a difference, we SHARE and we WILL improve this industry as a result of working together… Bring on Agent Rainmaker LIVE 2020 If you’re an agent and you want to see all the photos, videos etc… jump into the FREE TO JOIN Facebook Group and see the party.