Agent Rainmaker Live 2018

We ran an amazing event in September, called Agent Rainmaker Live 2018, it was a celebration of all that Agent Rainmaker is and means to its members, a celebration of our industry, the great work we do for our clients, the people we help and our work within it.

At ARLive 2018 we had 8 agents, who braved the stage to tell “their” story of how they were struggling and yet by changing their mindset, adopting the AR strategies, they completely transformed their mindset, businesses and lives as a result, many of the stories were so real to the audience that many were in tears, as they could see their own journey and pains as the agents explained how THEY had been through hell and back… (every speaker we had to train to be able to speak on stage and underwent hours of speaker training, to be able to tell their story).

Matylda shared her highly emotional story of how her business nearly killed her, even almost getting diagnosed with leukemia, through stress related symptoms, but how she had since doubled her turnover, now has a new life and is building a retreat in Poland for other busy, stressed executives like she once was.

Sandra told of how she couldn’t afford the petrol to come to Wolverhampton for the one day course, and yet she took the risk, and now after adopting the strategies, 2 years on, she has quadrupled her turnover, and visited 53 countries on holiday, leaving her son to take over the business.

Angharad, told us how at a young age, she was recruited as MD of a multi branch agency, which although a great business, needed to move into the current era and make changes, and how she adopted the AR strategies and generated an additional 100k, in just 3 months.

At ARlive we ran our first award ceremony, and we have award winners from all over the UK, winning awards for successes in their business, real awards, based on real successes.

We had 3 people win awards for generating over 100k additional revenue from adopting the agent rainmaker strategies, 2 won the award for 250k and 3 for 500k then we had Sue who won the Agent Rainmaker of the Year award for her overall success and generating over £841,000 (at the time, now over £1,000,000) in just one year.

Our mission is to change the lives of 1000 agents across the UK over the next 3 years, and we are well on the way of doing that, we measure this by someone saying “ you have changed my life” and well over 140 have already stated that to us.

We work in an amazing industry, one which appears to be a political rugby ball currently, yet one which serves the UK population home many millions of people and in doing so has to abide by over 150 pieces of legislation giving us many hours of work, just to stay compliant.

Our BIGGEST challenge, is that as an industry our heads were down, we felt worthless and downtrodden, killing ourselves doing so much for free, way beyond what we were contracted to do, because we felt we had too…. This mixed with the additional legislative workload, the loss of income from the Tenant Fee Ban and political interference has led the birth of Agent Rainmaker, and together we plan to brush ourselves down, stand tall and WIN.