From £0 – £500K (Turnover)

If you are in the early days of running your agency, and haven’t hit £500K turnover yet, this is your sure fast shortcut to get there…

Building the team, structuring the management, finding time to still GROW the business, get paid more for what you do, find and keep the right staff, motivate and incentivise and still offer a GREAT service… these are the challenges at this level.

The GREAT news is that 100’s of agencies like yours have joined the Agent Rainmaker club over the last year and have achieved HUGE results in just 12 months… massively growing their turnover, loving their teams, growing their managed stock, getting paid more for what they do and getting their LIFE back.

This means that the way has already been PAVED for you by the many that have been there before. The systems have been tested, the results collated, you have a proven path to follow.

All you need to do to unlock the answers to GROWING your business is to plug your company into our PROVEN Rainmaker System, implement the strategies with our step-by-step guides and support, then the success is yours

In fact, it’s no longer about luck or chance… follow the system and it’s given. The results you want are waiting for you – you just need to take the opportunity in front of you.

From £500K – £3,000K (Turnover)

If you are already established as an agent and have achieved great success, the fantastic news is that there is so much more you can do…

The skills you needed to get your businesses this far have served you well, but now is the time to add the cream to the top, to really LOOK at this great machine you have built, get your teams involved and think… ‘What can I do WITH this business NOW to make it even better?’

In fact, some of our BIGGEST achievers have been agents with multiple agency branches and £1-2 million turnover businesses, before they even started!

At this level, your teams are essential for running your business right now and even more so into the future, especially if you want to BUILD your business to increase SALE value, develop a senior team, or exit and step away from your business in some way. Agent Rainmaker X at this level, is where the value will be the work we do with THEM as well as YOU.

The Agent Rainmaker Xcelerator programme gives you and your team everything you need to know to GROW… if offers training, support step-by-step systems to follow and access to those that have been there and achieved these great results.

They say at this level you cannot double your turnover, but we know you can. We want to show you the already proven path of those before you, so you can do it too.

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