Connecting With Your Audience on Facebook

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Tech

It’s not always easy to market your services in an innovative way, especially when the market is saturated with every other letting agent trying to do the same thing. It becomes increasingly important to think outside the box, and make sure you’re making the most of the digital channels available to you. The big question to ask is whether you’re using the right platform in the right way?

One of the big mistakes a lot of businesses make is they think they can constantly sell on Facebook. It’s a big NO go. Sure Facebook is one of the biggest platforms out there where you’ll be able to find your target audience BUT they’re not on there to be sold to.

But what Facebook is, is a brilliant example of a social channel that allows you to post and share valuable content with your captive audience. And if doesn’t currently feature in your marketing mix, then you should seriously consider WHY it isn’t. 

Put quite simply, Facebook is ideal for engaging with local businesses and people. It enables you to really build and nurture those all-important relationships that will help position you as the leading voice in your area. Your business’s Facebook page represents you on a daily basis..  If your page has a great number of likes and people engage with the valuable content you provide, then it’s a ready-made portal for you to post both engagement and property-specific pieces. It should show who you are, and what you stand for. 

There is nothing worse than seeing a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in months, and this lack of engagement can be detrimental. You can avoid becoming victim to a bare wall, by following these three pointers to start engagement: 

  1. Connect with your followers Share something that is relevant and engaging, that will add value. It doesn’t have to be all singing all dancing but it could be an interesting news article that’s related to your industry.

       2. Express your opinions 

There’s nothing like a good debate to get your engagement up. Ask your audience their opinion on a specific topic, to get them liking        or sharing your post, when you express your own opinions. Show what you stand for, but remember not everyone is going to love              what you say.

       3. Share your successes 

Perhaps your team have had a recent success or have done something fun together like team exercises. Maybe you’ve got a new member of the team joining you. Whatever it is, share it out with your Facebook audience.

Try using those three ideas and start posting out on your own Facebook page and see how you get on. I’ve actually developed a 7 step social media strategy that  I share with our Property Agents Circle Members. You can find out more HERE.