Daddy, I want to be a letting Agent


“Daddy, I want to be a letting Agent” said no-one, ever.

Last week, I was speaking at an event and one of the delegates, another letting agent, came up to me and asked, Sally, you’re a letting agent like, me, why do you do what you do?

You could keep all this information to yourself, and build an awesome business, but instead you choose to share it with us, so that we can build our business… Why

It was a good question, and the lady was right, I could have done… but I have never been made that way

If I know something I have to share it, if I feel it will help others. I have always been compelled to help people

As a letting agent I helped hundreds of landlords buy property and refurbish them, even putting furniture up myself, I have always loved nurturing and developing young people and those new to the industry to do and be better, which is why so many of my team have been with me for over a decade.

And now through my letting agency training and agent coaching network “Agent Rainmaker” I am sharing all that I have learned in the 30 years I have been in the game

The Agent Rainmaker movement I must admit has become a full on passion, even an obsession, it’s a movement that I started in January 2o17, in the face of the Tenant Fee Ban, just as I was about to become ARLA president!

But the realisation that as agents we needed to come together FAST, to find a solution… I knew I was perfectly placed to bring everyone together for the greater good.

From the start, I always ONE goal… helping to make the Letting Industry a better place for all who live there…

I am a landlord, have been a tenant, I am a Letting Agent of 30 years, I have been president of ARLA, spoke on the major conference stages around the UK, including the Excel, Wembley the ARLA and the GUILD conference and many more besides, I understand and have been in the shoes of all sides.

Everything I do, is all around the topic of lettings, (even the book I wrote in 2015) so, it’s fair to say, I’m pretty much, all in, I LIVE, SLEEP, EAT and BREATH this industry… it’s been my home for 30 years

And my goal is that ONE day, children will grow up and say “Daddy, I want to be a let agent one day”

Then I will know we have succeeded in making an industry and a career to be proud of…

Let’s make it awesome!

Sally Lawson PPARLA

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