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So, you’re a Letting agent, but also a business owner, and as most business owners do, I’m sure you have a few “stucks” in your businesses, challenges, you can’t seem to solve, repeated “issues” that feels a bit like groundhog day… this could be staff driving you mad, not making enough profit, expenses going through the roof, organisational and systemisation challenges or just standing still, suffering from lack of motivation and/or stuck for new ideas to grow.

A few friends and family or other business owners have suggested that you should maybe look at getting a business coach to help you. You may have met a few “Business Coaches” at networking events that all claim to have the answer, that are all part of this network, or that network, you interview a few and consider the £1500-£3000 per month fee (£18,000-£36,000 per annum) they want to charge for one meeting per month, but all they talk about seems is KPI’s, Reporting Tools, and all seem pretty generic and often when you question them, they have NEVER run a proper full-scale business, let alone a letting agency or a business as complex as yours!

So, you get stuck and don’t really know where to turn. You go into the FB groups and ask other agents, but they all have the same problems as you (or everything is perfect) you turn to the “professional organisations” but they are more around compliance and so you start to feel that what you’re going through is just normal and this is when feelings of disillusionment, leaving you feeling like you’re not cut out for this, the feelings of “I’ve had enough” kick in, you even consider giving up.

As the last straw, you find some FREE advice set-ups, where you get put in touch with ANOTHER agent… the problem here is that they will impart THEIR version of success to you, which may not be right for your market, your area and may actually be leading down the wrong path too, they do not have the benefit of looking at 100’s-1000’s of different agencies and their problems and solutions… how could they, they are a letting agent and busy letting properties!

But what about if you could find a specific Laser-Focused LETTINGS Business Coach which isn’t going to cost the earth?

You come across Sally Lawson and the Agent Rainmaker set up. you find that Sally has run agencies for decades, launched a franchise agency network, and even sat on the board of ARLA?

You start to think, she should know what she is talking about! You could hazard a guess, that they would have SPECIFIC targeted ACTUAL solutions to YOUR specific problems! So, you do your due diligence on them, and you find that 1000’s of agents are part of their community, that 1000’s have been served by them and have achieved MASSIVE income growth, some of some quite unbelievable numbers, such as 100k, 250k, 500, £1,000,000 and even £2,000,000!

You think, crikey this is going to be expensive…

But hey! they do a one day taster coaching day for just £97… ??

What have you got to lose…

You dig deeper, and you find that Agent Rainmaker offers exact solutions for letting agents on how to generate masses of new leads for your business, how to CONVERT those leads into valuations, how to win up to 100% Fully Managed instructions, how to manage your staff to be accountable and stay on track so the business can achieve its targets, how to systemise, productise, how to construct your services offered for more profit and how to reduce your time and your teams times required to fulfill tasks, but more importantly, they are constantly coming up with NEW exciting ways to GROW your business, systemise, Add Value, up-serve your clients, new marketing techniques and new management tools too.

This is EXACT Letting Agents Business COACH you have been looking for… and you discover that you can start with a simple ONE-day workshop for £97, go onto a 4-day BOOTCAMP for £4497 and even go onto a 12-month mentorship programme for £16,991 too ALL CHEAPER THAN A GENERIC BUSINESS COACH and with PROVEN, Validated examples of LETTING AGENTS that have achieved great things too.

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Who are we?

Our coaching and development organisation, prides itself on building a cohesive and positive community network of letting agents and property professionals. Giving letting professionals the encouragement, support, and knowledge to transform aspirations into reality is Agent Rainmaker’s core mission!

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