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Doing what we have always done will NOT get you the same results anymore, we need to change NOW and learn how to do the following 
  • Build a high value PROSPECT list of Landlords and Vendors for your business
  • Generate SCHEDULED calls for your team to nurture and convert
  • Generate ONLINE sales and an additional INCOME stream for your AGENCY business
  • And never make a cold call again
  • You DON’T need to be 'techie'
  • You WON’T need EXPERT assistance
  • You DON’T need Website designers
  • Take control yourself NOW 
In fact if you take action, you could leads into your inbox TODAY!

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You might be thinking...
So, why do I need this Sally?

Challenge #1

You have probably noticed that you are getting less and less leads into your business from your website and traditional avenues… almost everyone has noticed this

Challenge #2

Have you noticed that people want interaction with brands out of hours and online, rather than physical and on the phone initial interaction?

Challenge #3

Have you noticed that Everyone and his mom are now on social media, making video’s, blogging and commenting on their local market? It’s become too common and crowded as a medium (there is too much to consume) 

Challenge #4

Have you noticed that loads of companies are trying to sell you expensive software and tools to create automation, some running to the tune of thousands of pounds per month…
Traditional Prospecting, Social Media and website (SEO) Marketing has moved ON, and all the world leading businesses are now using FUNNELS!
Many are scrapping their BLOGS, turning off the chit chat, and focusing all their energy on adding VALUE for their customers, in a FORMAT the customer wants and available WHEN the customers want – INSTANTLY  
So, what is a Funnel?
The first time I came across a funnel was in 2015, when I launched by book “I’ve got this tenant” now back then I did it the hard way, using a marketing agency and web designers, because I didn’t have access to the “software and technology” meaning it cost me over £20,000!
But I can remember the day my funnel went live, I was actually sitting in a wedding (not mine) and my phone starting going crazy! Leads dropping in my inbox to the tune of hundreds by the second, of people buying my book!
That funnel made me over £141,000 in its first year…
It was the most exhilarating, awesome experience ever, and I was SOLD. 
I knew then...
"Funnels were the FUTURE”
Sally Lawson
Since my first EXPLOSIVE funnel Launch on 2015... I have become a student of marketing, funnels and generating real cold hard LEADS into my inbox, appointments scheduled automatically and  automated sales online too...  

THIS has TRANSFORMED my businesses... as they now generate literally HUNDREDS of leads EVERY month online.
Hooked on learning more... This journey has taken me to Boise, London, Florida, Miami, Nashville, Missouri, and Denmark, in fact all over the WORLD... In fact, you may not know this, but I have in fact been a high level student of the world’s leading Expert in funnels too for over two years now as well.

PLUS i am one of only 636 "Two Comma Club" Gold Disc Award Winners in the WORLD (and award for building a £1m Funnel, which i did in less than 2 years) 

My ENTIRE team are completely focused on now sharing THIS knowledge with our industry 

PLUS, I am now on a mission... to TRANSFORM, REAL ESTATE marketing, with this EVOLUTION of PROSPECTING and get ALL agents generating hundreds of leads EVERY month, using FUNNELS, so that they can really EXPLODE their businesses too...

Sally Lawson -Business Optimisations Expert (and 2 Comma Club Winner)
What you can EXPECT with FUNNELS
We generate over 300 leads every month per BRANCH using funnels, with all leads generating emails with full contact details, prospects scheduling calls with you, and booking to come and see you too... its truly transformational to an agency business.
How difficult is it? 
Do I need Technical Experience?
Meet Letting Agent "Tom Soane"
From 6 leads per month to over 30 in just ONE week! 
(and in the first week from launch) 

Below is Tom a Letting Agent that recently learnt how to build funnels with us, without ANY previous experience or KNOWLEDGE about funnels, and look at the results he got in just the FIRST week! 
How do you DEFINE a Funnel?
Definition- “A funnel is an automated online process, formed from a series of online pages and forms, to enable someone to opt in, download or register with you or book an appointment with you, request a call back, or even buy from you online, and even to facilitate, higher price and higher price offers all done automatically…”
• Without ANY human interaction
• 24 hours a day
• Automatically all done online
• Without expensive software either!
The most successful businesses now will have MULTIPLE funnels leading customers to transacting business with them .
I have over 100!  
The challenge before was that this took thousands of pounds and many online experts to build (remember my first funnel before I learned this system cost £20k!)  
But not NOW!
You can in fact, now do all this yourself within minutes, with zero tech knowledge, with this...
Funnel Creation Toolkit TODAY!  
(Especially for Property Agents)
What's the Offer Sally?
I am opening Pandora’s BOX
The kit will include EVERYTHING you need to launch your first funnel…
The Funnel Creation Toolkit
for Real Estate Agents
Firstly, You will receive...
FREE ACCESS to the software you need to Set up and Launch your first FUNNEL (worth £97)
Next, You will also get...
A Video tutorial on how to set up your first funnel Step-by-step! (Worth £197)
And You will Also Have access to...
Dozens of TEMPLATES for you to get going straight away (no designers needed!) just edit text and add an image and you’re DONE! (Worth £3,997, bearing in mind, my first funnel cost over £20,000!) 
Plus as a BONUS for the first 50 buyers 
Your Super Cool Bonus #1
Checklist on the various ways you can use FUNNELS in your letting agency and save THOUSANDS of pounds every month (Worth £197)
Your Super Cool Bonus #2
Funnel Landing page wording template, just fill in the blanks (Worth £197)
Your Super Cool Bonus #3
FULL tutorial on running FB ads to drive traffic instantly to your funnel (Worth £97)
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I'm Even prepared to offer you a
“No Techno Babble” GUARANTEE
I guarantee this will totally change your world, and in fact, if it doesn’t, I will happily refund you in FULL if you contact me within 30 Days and say Sally this not for me along with a copy of your receipt, we will give you a
 complete refund for £47 + VAT.
You DONT want to miss this exciting LAUNCH...
Get the SOFTWARE, the Techniques and even the TEMPLATES to generate never ending leads every day into your business with INSTANT results

Funnel Creation Toolkit – especially for agents

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Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The Funnel Creation Toolkit!
  • ​FREE ACCESS to the software you need to Set up and Launch your first FUNNEL  (£97 Value)
  • ​Video tutorial on how to set up your first funnel  (£197 Value)
  • ​Dozens of TEMPLATES for you to get going straight away  (£3997 Value)
  • ​Checklist on the various ways you can use FUNNELS in your letting agency and save THOUSANDS of pounds every month (£197 Value)
  • ​Funnel Landing page wording template, just fill in the blanks  (£197 Value)
  • ​FULL tutorial on running FB ads to drive traffic instantly to your funnel  (£97 Value)
Total Value: £4,782
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For £47+VAT
An investment that will totally 
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