How to Optimise your Digital Presence to Keep Ahead in a Competitive Market

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Tech

With the ongoing, upward increase in consumers searching online to research/purchase products and services, it’s important to think about your letting agency’s online presence. Is it presenting you in the best possible light? Are your website and social media channels doing exactly what you want them to do? Currently, are you doing enough to attract, convert and encourage customers to refer your services to others?

If not, you’re missing a trick.

You need to give your customers real value. To do this, you should make their journey as pain free as possible, so that they’re happy to provide positive, online feedback in the form of reviews, which in turn will become an asset that you can use in your marketing.

Word of mouth is a wonderful thing. One of the easiest ways to attract new customers is to retarget current or past customers online. Social media is a great place to do this, as is using email marketing. You could promote a monetary incentive to encourage referrals, and use social channels to get your message out there. If your customers are advocates of what you have to offer, you’ll be attracting new customers off the back of that.

Are you active on your social media channels? Do you engage with your customers online?  Do you post regular, valuable content to present yourself as the expert in your field? It’s easy to become swallowed up in the day-to-day task of running your business, but it’s crucial to either set aside time to improve your online presence, or to invest in someone that can.

It’s also important to think about your website. Today, over 50% of online traffic comes from mobile. Investigate to make sure that your website is mobile responsive. If not, you could have the most valuable and engaging content on your pages, but people will be bouncing from your site before they’ve even read what you have to offer.

Is your site easy to navigate? If traffic is hitting your page, but the user journey is complicated, then the chances are you’ll be missing out on capturing the data from those all-important leads. Invest in a professional looking design, and only upload quality images that will reflect your professionalism and commitment to detail.

Complete an audit of your site. If you edit content regularly, then every couple of months, quality check it for mistakes, or your copy for duplications. Swot up on SEO basics to ensure that your pages are ranking for the keywords people are searching for. As a rule of thumb, your SEO presence can be penalised if you have content on your site that’s either duplicated or poorly written. For this reason, it’s important not to lift copy from other sites. If there are pages where there is no content, or pages where there is less than one hundred and fifty words, you should address these as a priority.

If you Google your letting agency, how does your Google My Business listing appear? Is the address, opening hours, contact information and location correct? Do you have a selection of images on there that represent your location in the best possible way? If you’re unsure of how to access your listing, you can contact Google directly to rectify this.

To survive and flourish in your market, it’s crucial that both your website and social media channels are updated regularly with relevant and valuable content. From a technical perspective your customer’s online journey needs to be easy and accessible. If it is, they’ll be more likely to refer your service to others. Set aside some time to look at your online presence and write down a list of improvements. Or better still, try and approach it objectively, as though you’re a first-time customer – would you proceed further?

If the answers a no, or even a maybe, then there’s work to be done.