The "Letting Agency Growth" Workshop
that everyone is talking about!
Make MORE money, REDUCE your workload and SYSTEMISE your Letting Agency Business
Learn How To "Get Your LIFE Back!" And LOVE Your Business Again..
Letting Agents have 3 MAJOR challenges right NOW
TOO MUCH TO DO and not enough hours in the day... and a feeling of the business taking over your life...
for the work level required of us, and now loss of TENANT FEES
Lack of NEW stock . coming on the Market 
Landlord stock is reducing and competition is fierce
Right NOW is one of the toughest markets this industry has seen in 3 decades.
with over 
170 pieces of legislation leading to MASSIVE complexity 
MASSIVE competition in every town 

As agents, we need to MODERNISE and EVOLVE and MODERNISE our businesses to enable GROWTH and domination

The way we have always done things DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE


We NEED to Learn how to GET BACK our...
There is just TOO MUCH to do, for the money we charge... 

Learn the SECRET to doing 50%  less than you do right now, WITHOUT reducing your income and get your LIFE BACK
A massively competitive market has led to a whole INDUSTRY  reducing their fees, and now the Tenant FEE BAN and many agents...

Learn how you can in 3 easy steps generate another 25% ore more income into your business
Letting Agency has become a hard and miserable place for many, with the increasing legislation, RISK and complaining culture...

Learn how to get the CONTROL back with your business, and as a result, the FUN and VISION too.
This ONE day workshop will show you HOW...
Message from Sally Lawson...
Having been a letting agent since 1990, a franchisor, a speaker, author and coach in this industry for many years, I have seen many changes, a few recessions and a lot of competitors come and go, but nothing prepared me for the shock of the TENANT FEE BAN

It was the day before the general announcement, when I received a call from the BBC asking me for comment on an embargoed piece of news that was going to be released the following day, and would I be available for comment, of course I said, I always enjoy a good conversation with a journalist at 6 am in the morning... what's it about? 

Phillip Hammond is banning Tenant Fees... 

My stomach flipped, and you probably could have knocked me down with a feather... NO WAY! 

Like you I'm guessing, having been a letting agent since 1990, I have seen many changes, a few recessions and a lot of competitors come and go, but nothing prepared me for the shock of the tenant fee ban

In my ONE branch alone, I stood to lose over £9,000 per month! 

PLUS I was just about to take over at the helm of ARLA propertymark, and would soon be the face of an industry in chaos as a result of this decision to ban these fees, that many rightly or wrongly heavily relied on. 

The following day I did my interview at 6 am and the news out that Tenant Fees WOULD be banned and we soon realised that most agents would stand to lose around 25% of their revenue instantly... something needed to happen and FAST 

After a few days, I was surprised that there was no one really talking about the plight of the letting agent, it seems like radio silence... SOMEONE HAS TO DO SOMETHING, it thought

I decided that someone was me... I was perfectly placed to talk to agents, share ideas, look for ways to solve this MASSIVE problem that could lead to thousands going out of business

I have a HUGE reach on social media, the professional connections and have been running a franchise for 7 years, I knew how to bring people together, run forums, events and training etc

Agent Rainmaker was born, and it began with THIS workshop... initially, we were just talking and asking people their thoughts, but later we started to coach all that we had learnt, and the results since have blown me away...

what I realised was, that if you believe in someone, give them the tools, show them the way then magic can certainly happen... and it does, time and time again 

I hope you can join me on this amazing day, where I share ALL that I have learned speaking to  literally thousands and thousands of agents across the UK, to help you

I have one goal... I love my industry, I love my people, I think agents are the most misunderstood community out there, killing themselves to look after their customers and tenants, and yet very rarely being recognised... that has to change

My mission is to change 1000 letting agents lives for the better and make this industry a place where people WANT to live and work and ENJOY again...

Sally Lawson
For the next 2 months Sally is running 
 focusing on YOU & YOUR business
These one day events are true WORKSHOP style, where Sally and her team will take you through her 6 step SYSTEM that has already helped many agents Double and Treble their turnover, you will learn how to BEAT the competition, restructure your services and systemise your back end to reduce workload and add MULTIPLE layers of income to your business...

She will take you through a Step by Step system on how to take a £180,000 business and turn it into a £645,000 turnover business without increasing your client base fees

Sally will share with you her structured SYSTEM for back end monitoring and compliance, to take away the heavy burden 
of property management 

She will share with you real-life examples of other letting agents that have literally DOUBLED their turnover within WEEKS 
and others that have increased by 400% within 12 months

but also... show you HOW they did it...
Sally Lawson and her team will work with YOU personally to put together YOUR business plan
Your Learning Outcomes?
You will walk away with a PLAN and a whole NEW way of looking at your business

You will CREATE new Layers of lower and higher  levels of Service for YOUR business to generate £100,000s of additional income (from stuff that your already doing for FREE) 

You will KNOW exactly the numbers you need to achieve in your business to DRIVE your team forward, daily, monthly and yearly to achieve your GOALS

You will know the SECRETS to how you can TREBLE your turnover within months, using high-level GROWTH strategies, being adopted by the big boy agents right NOW

You will learn everything you need to know, to be able to fully systemise and STRUCTURE the back end of your letting agency business and take away the hassle of property management

You will learn how to STAND OUT from the competition and create a marketing strategy using your existing team, that will get the RIGHT Landlords choosing YOU!
What will you LEARN...
We keep the workshops small because the value is that we will work with you on YOUR business 
throughout the day

You will learn EXACTLY what the Competition DO for their CHEAP FEES so that you can BLOW them out of the water on valuation
Discover how to create a modern NEW service offering and get paid for what you are currently doing for FREE 
Learn how to add MULTIPLE layers of income to your business without increasing your current charges and make the Tenant Fee Ban irrelevant
Learn the SECRETS to letting agency systemisation and management, to make your teams fully accountable and give you the freedom to focus on growing your business
What's the content?
You will learn SOOOO many EXTRA ways you can generate income within just a small space of time, to grow and build your business no matter what stage you are at…

The 5 key areas we focus on are:
  • NEW LEADS​- How to create instant marketing BUZZ and how to make YOU stand out from the competition (without spending a fortune) and to make this just part of your business day and also how to convert new landlords at high fees
  • SYSTEMS - Sally will show you a wide range of systems that you can use to run your business smoothly day to day improving both productivity and efficiency.
  • STRATEGY - We will cover loads of NEW ways to generate more income, save costs and the GROW the business (without working any harder) in fact Sally will show you how to save 50% of your time instantly…
  • NUMBERS - You will learn what the typical numbers and conversions are in a letting agency, so that you can identify where you are with your business and how to drive growth.  Sally will also show you how to get more £££ for every deal you do, how to win MORE Fully Managed instructions and how to convert your Let Only to Fully Managed. In fact she will show you step by step how to TREBLE an agencies' turnover.
  • TEAM - You will learn how to onboard new members of staff FAST, make your existing team more productive and how to create REAL accountability for achieving personal and company goals.
This 5 part SQUEEZE the JUICE system, is designed to cover EVERY area of your business and to be applicable whether you have just started out, have just one branch or even 10… the same rules apply whatever stage you are at in the development of your business.

Over the last 2.5 years, I have helped thousands of Agent Rainmakers OPTIMISE their agencies, with hundreds generating on average well over £100k from this system…
These workshops SELL OUT FAST

DON'T miss out on the opportunity to attend one of the EPIC Workshops that have proven to transform businesses and change lives!
Here is what some of the previous attendees have achieved since attending this event...
"£500K Increase, and we're still going..."

Since attending this one day workshop we have generated an additional £500k in revenue through our existing business and we know we can do so much more...

Susan Cope

Professional Properties

Susan Cope

Professional Properties
"Converted 80% of my Let Only Clients to Fully Managed"

Since attending this one day workshop, I have doubled my turnover and transformed my life, and I'm now even planning to create a retreat over in Poland!

Matylda Nowak

Kings Accommodation Estate & Lettings Agents

Matylda Nowak

Kings Accommodation Estate & Lettings Agents
"Got my life back!"

Since attending this one day workshop, I have not only quadrupled my Turnover from £60K to £240K, but I am now free to go on holiday at last, and last year spent 3 months in China!

Sandra Blake

Harry Harper

Sandra Blake

Harry Harper
"Increased Turnover by £80K"

Since attending the Growth workshop, and by utilising just ONE of the strategies learnt, I have been able to increase my bottom line by £80K! This workshop has truly revolutionised by business, and even go my mojo back!

Martin Thacker

Thacker & Revitt Sales & Lettings

Martin Thacker

Thacker & Revitt Sales & Lettings
Many agents get STUCK between 60-120 properties under management
When you set up as a letting agent, you tend to grow your business one landlord at a time
but at some point you will hit a plateau, we all do...

When you hit that plateau, something needs to change...

You need to generate more LEADS, improve your conversions in order to grow the number of properties you have under management


There are some much more HIGHER level strategy options that you could employ to move forward

Some of these include taking the "helicopter" approach to your business and looking at ways to achieve massive instant growth, by literally hundreds of properties at a time

This could include, acquiring the competition, merging with other agents, winning funding plus many more options

On our one day workshops, will will take you through the KEY strategies that you could employ to achieve MASSIVE growth
"After 20 Years, I needed some inspiration..."
"I was looking for inspiration as to how to move my 20 year business forward, and boy did I find that! In fact since attending this one day workshop I have generated an additional £1 Million in revenue through adopting a few of the strategies, and I haven't stopped yet!"

Sue Gidney- Richard James Estates
DON'T waste any more time, give your business a revamp, and really have a look at what you can do to MASSIVELY grow your business this year...
"30 year old business, that needed to change... This workshop gave me the vision..."
When I became a director of a business that was older than me, I knew I had to make changes, but that's a bit like turning the titanic... After attending the one day workshop it was like a lightbulb and I could see all the possibilities... By just adopting two of the strategies, it has meant that in just 12 months we have added over £468K to our turnover and can see how over the next year we will be adding so much more... Worth every penny!

Angharad Trueman- CGT Lettings
Implement the systems we teach you at Agency GROWTH Explosion and 
I guarantee it will change the way you look at your business FOREVER
"3 Agencies acquired for less than £40K..."

"As a large portfolio investor landlord, I realised I had a Tenancy management problem and thought setting up a Letting agency might be the answer. So I went along to this one day Workshop... What I quickly realised with one of the strategies taught was that buying existing agencies would be a much better option and Sally showed me how to do this without using any of my own cash. Over the next 18 months I managed to buy 3 agencies with a total turnover per annum of £1 Million for an expenditure of less than £40k... and I'm working on more acquisitions now too"

Adam Lawrence

At the Agent Rainmaker Growth Explosion workshop, you will learn how to EXPLODE the number of leads into your business... 
Outsmart the ONLINE agents
Structure your back end to reduce the workload 
& MASSIVELY grow your business as a result
Like so many have done already, as a result of this training...
Only £197+VAT Investment
  • Learn how to EXPLODE the number of leads into your business
  • Implement systems so your business runs without you in it
  • Discover how to generate multiple streams of income 
  • Learn how to STAND out amongst other agents
  • Learn how to reduce you and your teams workload by 50% 
  • Venue in Wolverhampton, Midlands (direct train from Euston) 
Only £197+VAT Investment
  • Learn how to EXPLODE the number of leads into your business
  • Implement systems so your business runs without you in it
  • Discover how to generate multiple streams of income 
  • Learn how to STAND out amongst other agents
  • Learn how to reduce you and your teams workload by 50% 
  • Venue in Heathrow, London 
  Tickets are just £197 + VAT
This is a VERY popular workshop so
Places are Strictly Limited and Fill up Fast. 
Sally is a UK wide respected industry expert
but don't just take our word for it...
Book your place below for the exclusive offer of £197 plus VAT

Venues in Wolverhampton and Heathrow
Workshop running: 9:00am - 5:30pm 
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