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Jayne O’Brien – Hello Profit, Goodbye Loss

6 months ago, Jayne O’Brien’s business was ticking along, as it had been for some time. It wasn’t making much of a profit – in fact with costs going up, it had begun to make a bit of a loss.Jayne, as the owner of her own letting agent, was bored. She’d got stuck in a rut of servicing her existing clients, doing the same things she’d been doing for years. She hadn’t really done anything to encourage new business, for months, perhaps even years. And what’s more, her biggest selling point was that she offered free, yes free inspections!

One thing was clear… Jayne needed to do something different to change the status quo and revive her business.

Creating a Sales Machine

Frustrated and disillusioned with the way things were, Jayne knew it was time for change. She did some research and signed up for a one day course with Agent Rainmaker.

It didn’t take long for her to realise that her whole mindset was wrong. She’d been approaching her business the wrong way. She was incorrectly thinking of her business as a service, where her ONLY focus was pleasing the clients she already had. It was getting her nowhere.

One of the most valuable things she learned on the course was something she hadn’t even considered before. Jayne needed to have a sales machine in her business and not only service her existing clients. With a background in sales, it was up to her to use her past skills to get that machine up and running.

Jayne set about creating new ways to reach out to landlords. Using techniques she’d learned on the Agent Rainmaker course, she re-learned how to sell. She began cold calling (something she used to be quite practised at, but hadn’t done for years), contacting old clients, setting up an email database…

In simple terms, Jayne started talking to people. It was something that she’d been neglecting for a long time. Her sole focus had been ‘getting the job done’ for her existing clients. She hadn’t been generating any new business at all. For years Jayne had been recycling old business, over and over.

Sales and marketing in Jayne’s business had taken a back seat. Now she had the tools, the skills and support to change that.

Becoming the local expert

Jayne shifted her focus and started to communicate with landlords. She give them the wisdom of her experience. She took the time to share her knowledge and experience with them.

By doing this, she built valuable relationships and became the local expert.

Jayne was no longer giving free inspections – an idea which now seemed ludicrous – but was giving something much more valuable. And she was reaping the benefits.

By getting to know her landlords on a more personal level, she quickly became their ‘go-to’ advisor. The trusted friend they call for advice and guidance.

It’s safe to say that Jayne has got her confidence and enthusiasm for her business back. By using the skills and knowledge she has gained through Agent Rainmaker, her business is going from strength to strength. From having no new instructions for so long, she has, in just the last 6 months, gained ten, yes TEN new instructions!

Fully managed

Every single one of Jayn’es new have signed up for full-management! Many of her existing clients have converted too! Even those landlords who were seasoned in ‘running the show’ themselves, and who had years of experience in managing their own properties, have handed the reigns over to Jayne’s team.

From making a loss back in January, Jayne is making, on average, £4,000 profit each month! Impressive, by anyone’s standards.

There have also been some other changes; by scrutinizing other aspects of the business, changing suppliers, and looking at the way things are run within the office, Jayne has been able to reduce her business costs by around £2,500 per month.

Nowadays, there is a new word frequently uttered around the office – Upsell. The business is evolving, and the team growing. As we speak, Jayne’s business is about to launch into property sales as well and letting properties. No longer muddling through, Jayne is now soaring!

For her, the Agent Rainmaker course has been an inspiration.

The people she has met, the ability to share ideas and be part of such a great support network has, and continues to drive her forward.

Double Profits!

Armed with all the new invaluable tools, new ideas, and new knowledge and skills, she has more than doubled her monthly profit. And she is confident that the business will continue to grow, as new ideas and plans are being put into practice every day. For Jayne and her business, the sky really is the limit!