lettings Manager Workshop
How to acheive EXTREME team accountability
24th August 2021 (Virtual)
The ULTIMATE workshop, for those who manage 
a Lettings Team and need to get RESULTS!
This is where you learn how to make EVERY single one of your TEAM members accountable for achieving the numbers desired in YOUR business
How to GET stuff done (and STOP doing it yourself) 

How you literally SQUEEZE THE JUICE, out of every function and make sure each are working to their fully optimised level 

This is where you learn how to RUN a HIGH PERFORMING Lettings TEAM and become market leaders

Running a Letting Agency is a highly complex and challenging job, because within such a team you will have a wide variety of characters and skillsets to carry out the varied functions

You will need Sales type people at the front, motivated, pushing to win more business but problem solvers and compliance driven Tenancy Managers to keep your Landlords, Tenants and company safe and take care of the financials

In this full on one day event, we work through how to stay ahead, manage the needs of the business, reduce liability, charge more and meet the requirements of your customers, whilst driving full accountability and responsibility throughout 
We will cover...
Identifying The DANGER Zones…

We will examine where in our business are the areas that need REAL focus and attention, in particular what does your team need to STOP doing to keep your business safe, make sure you are insured and to free up time to focus on making more money and generating more business 

PEAK Performers Throughout

We will establish how to create a team of “A” players, how to get establish a quick and effective recruitment process, to get highly skilled people on board, then how to get the right “characters” in the right roles and how to identify and deal with non performers… 

EXTREME Accountability Management 

I will share how to make EVERY single person accountable for a number and how to manage them into achieving that number, not by doing it yourself or accepting they were busy doing something else… 

I will also be sharing how to manage performance using a one page dashboard, PLUS how to reduce your senior teams workload by up to 80% and how to get EVERYONE working at the correct pay grade (not doing other peoples more menial tasks instead of their own) ensuring you and your senior team are always working at full tilt 

In addition to this, I will be sharing how to reduce your Tenancy Managers workload by up to 50% instantly! 

PLUS How to BE accountable as a manager, and to also make your TEAM accountable too - using our Extreme Accountability System. 

Generating Leads

We will look at how leads are generated for the business and some activities that need to be embedded and the mindset to make sure these are carried out including Hustle Hour, Cold Calling and Amber Nectar Tenant Marketing and how ALL of the team can get involved too.
Converting leads and Up-selling 

We will look at the language we use within our teams and customers to get the best results, looking at how to embed a culture of opportunity, allowing us to seek the up-sells right throughout the business, ranging from the new business teams to the Tenancy Managers, with clear, honest and educational communication that will also aid to keep Landlord's loyal. Furthermore, I will also be teaching how to use the RANT in various ways and across numerous departments and not just for valuations.

The Dashboard

We will focus on Knowing your numbers and reporting, we will walk them through the Branch Performance report and how and why it is important, whilst also ensuring you are aware of how to make individual team members accountable for each section to enable them to understand their WHY and how important everything they do for the business is.

Accountability Meetings 

We will be running TEAM meetings of various types, to get your meeting rhythm in place and for all meetings to be accountable, relevant and SHORT, but effective… ALL team members should be bringing their own numbers and reporting on THEIR performance too. 
Horizon Riser…

I will be sharing how to perform HIGH LEVEL 1-2-1 meetings that will literally TRANSFORM your teams hopes and desires, to make them DREAM BIG and want to be part of your success and future as much as you do… 

Profitability and how to increase it

We will show them how to increase their value by increasing YOUR bottom line, how to really improve EVERY area of the business to make more money and as a result, make them money too.

EXTREME Staff Motivation 

How to motivate the staff to perform, using training, motivational meetings, commission structures and BHAGS to officiate Huge changes and challenge beliefs… 

I think you will agree this is a HUGE schedule for a ONE day event, and is certainly not one to be missed.

ONE day, 10 subjects, and life changing results… FOREVER.

Is This Workshop For YOU?

-If you manage a TEAM within a Letting Agency then this is for you

-If you are struggling to get your staff accountable and/or high performing

-If you find yourself bogged down doing other people’s roles

-If you struggle to get your TEAM on the same page as you and motivated

-If you just need a refresher after Bootcamp or a motivational boost as a business idea, then this also is for you 

Click below to reserve your space or speak with Kate if you are a member of one of our existing ARX or Inner Circle programmes

I run workshops to teach this system only 2 times per year. The investment is normally £297 + VAT and I promise it will completely change the way your Lettings Manager operates the business. But space is limited. Each event sells out fast, so be quick, many that have learnt our systems, have had amazing results (see below).
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Here is what other agents, that have attended our Extreme TEAM Accountability Workshop
 events have said…
Really informative, inspirational training that makes you think outside of the box. I've taken several ideas away with me that I can't wait to implement and really make a difference in the business. Thanks a lot!
Craig Franks - Fenland Estates
Great to come along and meet other people that are in the same boat as you and face the same kinds of challenges.

The way Sally explains everything is brilliant and so motivating, can't wait to get back and implement everything that we've learned!
Stephanie Fitzgerald-Clark - Riverside Residential Properties
So motivating! No one is better than Sally, she's so knowledgable. I come away from these courses full of energy, there are always brilliant ideas and things we can use.

It's also great to meet people who are having the same issues as you and take some learnings from them. Highly recommended.
Dawn Franks - Martin & Co

LIMTED TIME OFFER! Because we are running this event virtually, we are able to offer tickets at just £197! 

But hurry, this is the last time we will probably run this virtually...

24th August 2021
Limited Availability
  • Ticket: Normally £297 + VAT
  • Workshop in the Midlands
  • 10AM - 4PM


We recognise that this is an emerging and rapidly evolving situation. Should circumstances or risk factors change, we will re-evaluate — always with your health, safety and well-being in mind. Therefore any ticket purchased for any live events, during the pandemic, we offer that in the event of you being unable to attend, or the event having to be postponed, we will be Live Streaming the event into a dedicated Facebook group for to join for a 48 hour period where you can either watch the event as its taking place, or view the recording within the time period. If you notify us within 7 days of the event starting that you won’t be able to attend, we will offer you an alternative ticket to attend the same or similar event within the next 12 months.

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