Branch Manager WINS 100% Fully Managed Instructions for 12 months 

Branch Manager Nadine Willis and CGT Lettings were in the same boat as most letting agent, struggling under the sheer weight of the huge level of legislation that surround the work they do, meaning high levels of workload, just to get a tenant moved into a property safely…  

On top if this, like many of us, they were struggling to make their landlords understand exactly what value they were providing as highly compliant agents and what it was worth to themThis meant that far too many landlords were choosing the incorrect service “let only” believing that they could “do it all themselves” a problem that many of us agents face right now 

In fact, we find that within the agent we speak to, currently the amount of landlords that choose let only, without any new style valuation training for the team, is around 50% and this used to be 75%, so this is definitely a number that needs reversing 

FACT, there are over 170 pieces of legislation a landlord has to abide by to stay complaint, and in tests when we have asked experienced landlords how many items of law they can name, we have found the highest number is 7 so far… so the question is, should we be selling Let Only as a service at all? 

Again like most companies, as well as the landlord change in expectations, the growing number of low cost agents, prepared to cut corners, was becoming a problem 

That is when MD Angharad Trueman decided to invest in her team and send Nadine along to a Lead Generation and Conversion training day, to learn the new style market appraisal skills to solve the current problems we face 

At the event Nadine, learnt how NEVER take on a Let Only service contract again and all the reasons why she should not, also she learnt how to convert existing let only contracts to fully managed, maintain her higher fee levels and not drop in fees either… 

But the real success came from Nadine’s pure determination to make this happen, and boy did she!  

The results were quite unbeleiveable, supported by her company and director, for the next 12 months Nadine worked tirelessly generating valuation appointments and attending them to win business, and astonishingly over the next full year, managed to convert EVERY SINGLE INSTRUCTION to be a FULLY MANAGED contract… 

Who would have thought that it was possible to go from 50% Let Only Instructions to 100% Fully Managed? 

Unfortunately many in the industry believe that we have to give landlords the service they ask for, in fact many agents are giving the landlord the option of either services, but the question has to be asked… if they are unaware of all the rules they will be breaking, which could lead to being unable to seek possession, fines, prosecution or even criminal charges… is that the right thing to do? 

And with a little bit of training, everyone can have a safe, hassle free rental experience, protecting landlords, tenant and their agents too.  

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Well done Nadine and CGT on an awesome result!