The problem with an agency, in fact, the WHOLE problem with running a letting agency branch, is that it is SOOOO complex, it is a business of minutia detail, all of which can and sometimes WILL go wrong.

This means our businesses, in the early days, before robust systems are put in place, make you end up feeling like you are running around, putting out fires, and then when that one fire is extinguished, you are on to the next “crisis”, so to speak…

Does this sound familiar?

Now of course the answer to this is not a simple, one-hit-wonder, there are many moving parts that maketh a successful agency and these can take years upon years to find, fix and embed, but I want to give you a few things you can do quickly as a ‘quick win’ ensuring you are on the right track.Mistakes tend to happen because no-one felt it was their “ROLE” to perform a particular function or because there is no defined “SYSTEM” they have been trained, and process issued to follow.So here is a quick list to make sure that you have 3 KEY things in place to minimise chaos and Friday Fires (as I like to call them, don’t they always happen on a Friday afternoon!)


Make sure that EVERY single task in your agency that you expect to be done is allocated to SOMEONE and EVERYONE is absolutely clear as to what they themselves are EXPECTED to do daily, weekly and monthly, with CLEAR objectives set, and I mean EVERYTHING. The little stuff, no BIG headlines here, the small details needs to be listed out, so there is NO misunderstanding.

A simple spreadsheet is a good start, list EVERYTHING that you do in the day as a business, and then start allocating people to them and this includes even the emptying of the bins and the DISHWASHER!


The NEXT crucial step in agency is to create a DIRECTORY of “HOW TO” do EVERYTHING in your business, an idiots guides, a total STEP-BY-STEP guide, in fact, so basic and detailed that ANYONE from outside the industry could step in and fulfill the role, the level you need to be at with these is the assumption of NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE at all! 

We call these ‘process sheets’ (can be online or physical), and alongside them you would have a CHECKLIST too, to tick off tasks that have been completed.Once you have a full set you can create Process Sheet Bundles for each role, and even extend them into a complete OPERATIONS manual for your business.


The third problem, if you have done all of the above and you are STILL in chaos and find yourself fire-fighting, then we have to look at the training and communication… have you communicated the Roles, Responsibilities and RESULTS you expect?

Have you missed the process sheets and walked them through them?

Have you TRAINED them on the REASONS why these procedures need to be followed, and the consequences of not doing so?

Then, have you followed up with your staff members to make sure these tasks are being done and followed correctly and is SOMEBODY responsible for checking and monitoring that processes are being followed? (we need managers for a reason and that is because people need to be managed).

Many fall short here, and many claim they “do not have time” to train their staff, well if this is true, then you will HAVE TO find time for dealing with mistakes, errors and ultimately CLAIMS against you too. 

So, which would you rather do? 

So, if you’re running around like CRAZY and needing some clarity, time and focus, try the above and let me know how you get on or book a call with KATE and she can give you some more techniques to break through the chaos. 

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