Take Control of your BUSINESS & stop letting it control YOU! 
Discover how you can:- 
 Automate Your Lead Generation, Systemise the back end, Build a HIGH PERFORMING Team,  and Increase PROFITS by learning the PROVEN Business Agents GROWTH System and:
RUN your Agency 
like a BOSS
and get your life back! 
So many Letting Agents are only just scraping a profit or in some cases just covering costs, working over 12 hours per day and still not achieving their goals
Find out how agents across the country are TRANSFORMING their businesses and 
 taking CONTROL again.

The UK's TOP STRATEGIES for achieving RESULTS fast! 

 1000's of Letting Agents have now seen massive results having learned 
the strategies shared at this event (see case study below)
In fact, so far, reports from previous attendees now claim a COLLECTIVE increase in revenue in excess £11 million after attending this event!
it's not just about the money, its about the satisfaction of running the business you INITIALLY set out to create and living the life you have WORKED for and deserve.

We will show you HOW...
Making profit today as a Letting Agent is hard and this is why:-
Increasingly heavy workload due to onerous levels of legislation mixed with high levels of complexity and liability
Reduced fees due to competition and demand from clients leaving many agents barely making a profit if at all
Less leads coming through for new business meaning we have to fight for every price of new business 
A massive shortage of time, time to do what is expected and needed with the staff we have available in the timescales required
All of this leads to stress, anxiety and ultimately lower levels of new business as we get wrapped up in the detail day after day meaning less time to focus on growing the business or marketing, managing the teams and running the "business" element, which compounds the problem.

The REAL problem actually started 20 years ago, as the layers of legislation increased we naturally took on the extra work, and more and then more... meaning what we do became hugely complex, but by comparison many of us reduced our fees to compete with the competition , the result?

Less and less profit, more work and ridiculous hours, unengaged teams, demanding clients, meaning that its actually impossible to do everything "safely" for the low fees some clients demand and as a result an unworkable business model 

in fact many agents now are operating at just 10% or less profit margin and just working harder and harder to solve the problem... but we will show why this doesn't work 

I don't believe it has to be like that!

Three years ago, after 26 years in the industry and as I was about to become ARLA President, I made it my mission to find the solution, there had to be a better way...

I started Talking to Agents across the country, both online and offline, I looked overseas at other markets and started to gather agents together to discuss and share ideas and then put them into practice throughout our Agent Rainmaker network to test results
The results have been phenomenal... time and time again, we saw consistent results, increased income, reduction in workload, more profit AND the best bit, HAPPY letting Agents, falling back in love with their businesses because they are no longer worries about payroll at the end of the month

You have probably seen some of the videos, interviews or comments, as they have been very well documented and are the talk of the industry. But if you haven't take a look below:
So, how did we do it... I have created over 70 strategies and worked these into a 5 part Letting Agency growth system, and no matter what the size of the business, whether it be a small new start or a 30 year established multi branch company the system works for all sizes every time.

The goal? 30% profit margin MINIMUM!
In fact with the level of liability we carry, 30% is essential!

What is Agent Rainmaker?
It’s my mission to help Agents all over the UK get their businesses where they want them and to create a sharing community for all of us, so we can grow together. This is why I am running these workshops and keeping the price low, so that I can help more businesses by sharing this now PROVEN amazing growth system.

On this ONE day event, We will have lots of fun, they are always full of energy, but essentially I will share with you my system for growth, and over 16 different strategies all to help you achieve these 3 key secrets to growth and get back to 30% POE
To do this, you will learn:-

Secret 1 - 
How to SYSTEMISE the LEAD generation of your business, giving you consistent leads to work on EVERY day, day in day out... this works whilst you SLEEP too! 
Secret 2 - 
How you can get control of you TIME back, and your teams... in fact I will share with you how to reduce your teams workload by HALF without the need for any swanky software...
Secret 3 - 
You will also learn how to work on your business and be a business owner mindset and here i will share over 14 different ways to GROW your income, increase your leads and if you choose to literally double or treble your business

The result when you implement?
You Get Your TIME back!
and you get the business you always dreamed off...
Too good to be true?
This started out as a plan to beat the Tenant Fee Ban, but it has grown SO MUCH since then...
I've had delegates go on to make an extra £100k in a few short months, some gone on to generate over £250k, and one even over £1,600,000 (admittedly she started with a pretty big business to begin with) but it is amazing what you can achieve, no matter where you are starting from... 



IF you DON'T believe you cannot do this, if you BELIEVE you can then you can just as Henry Ford said "If you believe you can or if you believe you cannot, either way you are RIGHT"

That's why i constantly share success stories, of loads of other agents from beginners to long term agents, and how they have implemented what i will share with you on this event, so that you can see how OTHERS have done exactly what we are sharing, and see the results THEY got, and we will also welcome you into the community so you can ask them for yourself

Nothing is hidden, there are no tricks, just a group of people making changes and achieving MASSIVE results

Do you REALLY want to miss out on the revolution of agency?
But hey, Don't Just listen to me:
we've had so many success stories we now give out awards!

Catrina Merrigan

I had a fabulous day with Sally Lawson today. The one-day introduction has OPENED MY EYES to so many more opportunities

Lisa Fullwood

Just finishing up my day's training with Sally. AMAZING VALUE…so much knowledge shared, I’m leaving INSPIRED

Thank you!

Beverly Louw 

Fab day, very interesting and informative. This will be a GAME-CHANGER for ys

Big thanks to Sally and her team!

Simon Bradbury

A really fantastic day from Sally Lawson and her impressive team. Very exciting ideas with real money-making potential for all letting and estate agents. 

Genuinely, one of the BEST VALUE training courses I’ve ever attended! 

Radosław Kaliszuk

I’ve been training with Sally for a few years now, since starting my business. I still continue to teach my new knowledge to my old staff. 

Sally and her team will help to take your agency to the NEXT LEVEL and to provide world-class service to your customers! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Maggie Galoch

Another amazing course from Sally Lawson and her team, great day learning about NEW OPPORTUNITIES and a massive energy boost for 2020!

Brian Carlisle

AWESOME day’s training from Sally Lawson and her team. So many great ideas to massively boost the income and culture of our Lettings Agents and Sale Business. Great value.

Thank you Agent Rainmakers. See you again soon.

Hey I get it, this all sounds too good to be true... and as a Letting Agent your naturally sceptical too (remember I’m a Letting Agent,  I get it) you want proof I’m not going to waste your time and that it’s worth a day out of the office!

So, don’t listen to just me, we have over 300 glowing reviews from previous attendees on our Facebook page, who use words like “this workshop transformed my business”, “gave me my mojo back”, many who say that it “massively increased my income” and “I fell back in love with Lettings”, but the common thread is, they all left inspired with lots of things to action straight away and couldn’t wait to back at their desk.

Or check out the case studies on our YouTube channel "Agent Rainmaker" where you will see many of the agents that have transformed their businesses and collectively have generated a reported figure of over £11,000,000 now, in additional revenue in their businesses over the last 2 years

My Mission:
I want to point out too, that this is NOT one of those cryptic workshops where you learn nothing, I am on a mission to transform this industry and make us ALL awesome, in fact many say I share too much, they can’t implement it all!

I guarantee You will walk away with actionable points you can use the next day that will instantly increase revenue, leads and reduce workload...

Amongst many other things a few of the things you will discover are:

# 1 - Systemise your lead generation so that you always have a steady number of leads coming into the business every day

# 2 - Structure the back end management so that you get back control and keep your company safe whilst reducing your workload

# 3 - Real case studies of how over 20 agents that have massively grown their revenue, and you will find out exactly how they did it, so you can too

PLUS - Special Bonus
I will show you the actual tools I use to manage the business, checklists, process sheets and structure that keep it all on track daily.

This is an event every Letting Agency business owner should go on, whether a newbie, 5 years in or 30 years trading!

I’ve been in the industry for nearly 30 years now, owned multiple Letting agencies, a franchisor, been ARLA President, spoke on conference stages around the country over 200 times and even written a book... I’ve made this my mission, this is MY industry and I am determined to make it a better one for all before I retire and hangs my boots up

But if you still don’t believe me, do some investigation, see what others have said below, listen to some of the case studies, check out our reviews on Facebook too if you wish

But then make sure you Book your seat, I just want to help you make sooo much more from your business, get rid of the stress and get make more profit, Letting agencies should be making 30%+ profit margin minimum, if you are not then I can help you!

Listen I know you really can’t afford to miss this hugely ONE day workshop dedicated for Agents like you...

Let meet up and see whats possible, you never know, it might be the first day of the rest of your life! After all most agents that attend say the event is TRANSFORMATIONAL

Still not sure? Here are just a fraction more of the people who've attended the 1 Day Event:


Book your place below for the exclusive offer of £97 plus VAT and save £100!

Venues in Wolverhampton and Heathrow
Workshop running: 9:00am - 5:30pm 

Only £97+VAT Investment 
  • Learn how to EXPLODE the number of leads into your business
  • Implement systems so your business runs without you in it
  • Copy the methods I use to generate multiple streams of income
  • Learn how to STAND out amongst other agents
  • Learn how to reduce you and your teams workload by 50% 
  • Venue in Heathrow, London 
Only £97+VAT Investment 
  • Learn how to EXPLODE the number of leads into your business
  • Implement systems so your business runs without you in it
  • Copy the methods I use to generate multiple streams of income
  • Learn how to STAND out amongst other agents
  • Learn how to reduce you and your teams workload by 50% 
  • Venue in Wolverhampton, Midlands (direct train from Euston) 
This is a VERY popular workshop so
Places are Strictly Limited and Fill up Fast. 
Contact us: team@propertyagentscircle.co.uk
Call us: 01902 420762 
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