Sales Technique Training
24th July 2019
Want to WIN more, get more BUSINESS and CLOSE more deals WITHOUT lowering your prices?
Then this one-day Sales Technique Training workshop is for YOU...
During this one day workshop we break down the sales process into its component parts to help you understand what makes DRIVES sales. 
  •   How to book MORE appointments, than you ever thought possible  
  •  How to STOP wasting your time attending pointless appointments 
  •  How to get deals, where it looks like there isn’t one and CLOSE 
  •  How to WIN over you landlords by speaking their language 
  •  Know the numbers YOU need to focus on that make a difference 
  •  How to build DOUBLE the value in your lets than anyone else 
  •  How to become the TOP negotiator in your business 
You will learn what makes the difference between 
AVERAGE and AWESOME including:
Mindset - Undersatnding how your mindset can help or hinder
Introduction - Effective ways to stay in your buyer's minds
Quality - The importance of how good your fact finding is and how to do it
Offer - How to use the FAB model
Close - How to get that agreement, handle objections and keep that higher price
Review/Referral/Follow up - How to follow up and get more business
  • Book appointments
  •  Convert appointments into applications 
  •  Give feedback and improve your properties chance of letting 
  •  Build more value into your deals and upsell services 
  •  And feedback accurate meaningful numbers to your manager 
This is not to be missed, totally different to ANYTHING you will have been on previously and is completely embedded throughout with the Agent Rainmaker ethos, of GREAT service whilst making a profit.
As this is the first Sales Technique Training Workshop we will be running, the investment is £197 + VAT, however all future workshops will be 
£197 + VAT per ticket. But space is limited to only 30 seats, so make sure you have your tickets FAST!
To reserve you/your teams spaces on this ONE day workshop to learn how to WIN more, CONVERT more and build more VALUE into EVERY let that you do...
Negotiator Training Workshop
Limited Availability
  • Ticket: £197 + VAT
  • 9AM - 5:30PM
sales technique training
24th July 2019
Limited Availability
  • Ticket: £197 + VAT
  • Wolverhampton
  • 9AM - 5:30PM
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