Scared to sell?

I heard a guy say online today that he was scared to sell… and it got me wondering, why are so many people scared to sell, what exactly is it about selling that makes people shudder?

Are they scared of rejection? do they feel it’s distasteful, or dirty?

If it is the latter, then the question has to be asked if they truly believe in their product.

As a business owner, you MUST make sure that whatever it is that you sell, offers HUGE value and opportunity to the buyer… if it doesn’t then, your feelings are probably correct, and you shouldn’t be selling it, you need to be focusing on improving the product.

BUT… if you know that your product or service can give the buyer higher value than the cost, then my opinion is this…

It’s your DUTY to sell to them…

Think about it… if you know that your product will make them £100k, but you are selling it at £5,000 why wouldn’t you? 

If you know your product will protect them from £30,000 fine, and keep them and their family safe, but costs £85 per month… why wouldn’t you value your fee?

So next time you feel yourself questioning, or backing off or wondering why you feel unsure about selling, ask yourself, am I giving value? If so, hold your head up, be proud of what you do and crack on, you are serving people, not selling, with the right product selling IS just serving, and the more you sell the more people you serve.

Here in the Agent Rainmaker team, we have taken this value to the next level, if we can’t give 10 times the value of what someone pays us, we WON’T sell it, and we have turned down many people… and that promise is openly stated to our customers, but the strange thing is, that to us, it is just as powerful, because it reinforces our core values, that we serve not sell, and as long as the customer wins more than us then that’s a winning combination… and EVERYONE comes out on top.


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