Team Training Events

A range of training designed to keep your businesses team at the TOP of their game


Team Training Events

A range of Training designed to keep your businesses team at the TOP of their game


Here at Agent Rainmaker we teach strategies for business owners around GROWING their businesses and evolving their teams. What this means, however, is that our teams have to inevitably embrace CHANGE and this can be hard and may lead to challenges.

To support our members in developing a “GROWTH MINDSET” team, we have structured all of our team coaching days to be around mindset, the understand the importance of being on the same page as the business owner, to comprehend the importance of being accountable, managing liabilities and achieving numbers and results needed. We help them also to be aware of the financial impact of their actions (both positive and negative) on the business and what they can do to remain or become great value employees by offering exceptional service, looking for new business or income opportunities, and managing those liabilities too. There really is no other training like it around.

What we tend to find is that NEW team members (those that have not been on our training before) are not sure what to expect… they usually come in quiet and wary, but ALL leave fired up, motivated and ready to become ‘A players’ and take on the challenge of growing the business together, with their newly found BIG PICTURE understanding of their very important role in the future success of their employers business.

23rd July, 2020

Conversions, Conversations and Listing Masterclass

6th August, 2020

Legal Update Day – VIRTUAL

10th September, 2020

Tenancy Manager Training

22nd October, 2020

Advanced Legal Training

18th November, 2020

Prospecting and Sales Workshop

1st December, 2020

Lettings Manager Training

“I attended a workshop yesterday organised by Property Agents Circle. Sally proved to be an experienced and very informed presenter who had a seemingly endless list of ideas. I have seen many speakers of the years, but rarely have I met such a down-to-earth and passionate shoot-from-the-hip individual like her. Her team were equally enthusiastic and I left feeling inspired, and I don’t often say that”.

Mike Jones

A really fantastic day from Sally Lawson and her impressive team.

Very exciting ideas with real money making potential for all letting and estate agents.

Genuinely, one of the best value training courses I’ve ever attended!

Simon Bradbury

Highly recommend Sally and her team- informative, exciting and her passion is infectious! Really excited to get back to the office at HUSTLE.

Gail Kilby

The AR Journey

We offer a wide range of events and membership programmes that you can fully emerge yourself with. The start of YOUR Agent Rainmaker journey would typically begin with one of these TEAM TRAINING events. Once emerged, we have our Run Your Agency Like a Boss Masterclass, our LEGENDARY Bootcamp, AND our Xcelerator Programme, for those who are serious about growing their business and adding on an ADDITIONAL 100K to their revenue!

Business Growth Strategists Have Helped Letting Agents Add Over £13 Million in Additional Revenue in JUST 3 Years – Now They Are Sharing HOW to do this.

On Thursday 16th July, Agent Rainmaker, a community-based events and business growth organisation will be offering 16 new proven business development strategies for Letting Agents, on how to make more money from their existing Agency. From 9AM until 5PM, Sally Lawson,...

The corona challenge 2020

When the Prime Minister announced lockdown, global panic was at an all-time high. Businesses everywhere were forced to close, staff were being made redundant and the future looked bleak… Here in the Letting Agency sector, we were imagining the worst, and what if all...

Agent Rainmaker to Host the FIRST EVER Digital Return to WORK Induction: The Letting Industry Following the COVID-19 Outbreak.

On Monday the 1st of June, Agent Rainmaker hosted a Post-COVID-19 digital induction on the transition back into work for letting agents across the UK. Over 100 registered to attend the event which ran from 10 AM until 12PM. The induction covered the essential elements...

Three Things to Consider When Unfurloughing Staff

What will you do if your doors could open again next week? One of the big questions we have been getting a lot of recently is what happens with my staff when they come back from Furlough?! Here’s Three Things to consider when ‘Unfurloughing’ staff! ?. ?? ??? ???? ??...

Agent Rainmaker LIVE – What a party

Question: Have you EVER seen a presenter, enter the stage on a scooter? If not, then you probably haven’t been to Agent Rainmaker LIVE this year Many people ask, what IS Agent Rainmaker LIVE, and I’ll be honest, it’s hard to explain because it is in a league of its...

Should we give staff the freedom to work and travel? Rather than commute?

Is there a way, that if we dropped the normal day to day restrictions, we could recruit the BEST talent, from anywhere in the UK and see our businesses explode? It's worked for Click Funnels, one of the fastest growing businesses in the world... So what can we learn?...

What IS Agent Rainmaker Live?

What IS Agent Rainmaker Live? A few agents last year in October, were sort of wondering, what on earth was that! There was this event in Heathrow, not one we have EVER heard of before, and there seemed to be hundreds of agents there, wearing branded t-shirts, having...

Daddy I want to be a letting Agent

Daddy, I want to be a letting Agent   “Daddy, I want to be a letting Agent” said no-one, ever. Last week, I was speaking at an event and one of the delegates, another letting agent, came up to me and asked, Sally, you’re a letting agent like, me, why do you do...

Section 21 notices to be banned for landlords in England announces government today

Section 21 notices to be banned for landlords in England announces government today The government has decided that in light of what we believe to be inaccurate “claims” that 46% of tenants received eviction notices within 6 months and other misguided statements by...

Converting Let Only’s to Fully Managed

Did you know that 50% of all the landlords out there choose to SELF MANAGE? I don’t know about you, I’m pretty clued up on legislation, but I have no idea how landlords that have full time jobs doing something else, manage to stay ahead of all the 170+ pieces of law...

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