The role of the Tenancy Manger has evolved. But many Tenancy Managers are stuck in a rut, doing the same old things, and getting frustrated that they’re not getting the results they need. We want to help you to change that, and show you a completely different mind-set which will enable you to use effective, proven communication techniques to ensure that landlords and tenants are never again left unsure of what you’re offering.

As with all of our one day courses, we don’t waste your time with loads of information you don’t need. Our aim is to give you the knowledge and methods you will be able to use in your work every day, and can put into effect immediately so that you can get results quickly.

What will I learn?

Many Tenancy Managers get stuck in a place where they’re doing everything the same way they’ve always done it, but in our experience, that isn’t effective in the modern letting agency environment. We need to be moving forward and evolving along with the rest of the industry, and this is where most Tenancy Managers are floundering, because they don’t know what it is they need to change, and so they opt to resist, sit idle, and do nothing.

What we want to teach you is that there are some very simple techniques that you can use to start changing the way you communicate, the way you work, and vitally the knowledge you have so that you can get more interest from your tenants and landlords, and have them choosing to come to YOU, because they know exactly what you can deliver, and they trust you to give them what they WANT.

This one day course is completely different to anything else, because we know from experience that the techniques work. Everything we teach is relevant and useable, and guaranteed to give you the tools to grow in your role, and get measurable results for your business.

We will focus on:

Your role as Tenancy Manager, how you fit in with letting agencies, and how you can add value to you customers to grow the business.

Positive communication techniques, exploring the way we present the business in how we speak to people, and how we can pursued them to use our services over someone else’s.

Clarity in the way we communicate our message, and how to ensure that what we’re telling our customers leaves no doubt in their minds of what we’re delivering for them.

Getting things done, how to maximise our time, and make sure that we are completing all of the essential tasks, complying with laws and regulations, and putting everything in place to ensure a complete and smooth service for the end user.

The RANT technique – our legendary method of communicating so that you can discover how to make sure that you never get a landlord arguing the toss over maintenance issues again!

What subjects do you cover?

Our Tenancy Manager Training Day promised a fully packed day, focussing on getting you completely up-to-date on what is required of a modern Tenancy Manager, with no fluff; just useful stuff you can use straight away to start getting results.

Our subjects include how to deal with rend arrears, time management and valuing your time to get the most out of every day, how to look for and recognise new opportunities, including how to add value which will prove irresistible to landlords, becoming a profit centre, undertaking inspections, what to look for, and legislation surrounding important areas such as the Immigration Act, effective ways to get let-only landlords to become fully-managed, how to stop giving stuff away for free and overstretching yourself by being too helpful for no profit.

It can’t really work for me though, can it?

People who have attended our past courses have been so enthusiastic, it’s even surprised us – and what’s more, we’ve had feedback from agency staff and managers telling us that following our one-day course, they’ve increased their profits  by phenomenal amounts. We’ve had reports from agencies who have been on the brink of closure, who are now making profits of tens of thousands, just by applying some of our techniques. It’s not a fluke – you can ready about some of our past attendees here (LINK), who have gained so much from coming to our one-of-a-kind workshops and courses.

Why not contact us for a chat? We’d be delighted to hear your story, and find out how we could help you become less average, and more awesome!