A best-kept secret for letting agents? One word. Funnels. Never heard of them before? They are essentially the hidden gem within any form of lettings lead generation. Letting Agents everywhere are recognising that spending excessive amounts of cash on fancy websites and advertising just isn’t the way forward if you want to see EFFECTIVE results.

Don’t get us wrong, websites and advertising can be excellent ways to branch out online but for those who want to guarantee a higher source of sales leads without wasting any time, funnels are the way to go.


What are Funnels?

Very similar to marketing online, the funnel simply directs landlords towards an area of your site where you can either sell or offer them something. With marketing and websites however, there is a higher chance of losing your customers because they enable customers to freely roam the site – this is the main way that marketing falls short. Funnels were developed to avoid exactly this problem!

With a direct funnel of information for the customer, this allows them to take the right path to becoming a successfully generated lead. Rather, it cuts out all of the pointless information and achieves a successful online sales system.


The Benefits

Other than being able to swiftly direct customers to exactly where you want them, similar to how you would complete a sales pitch, there are so many more benefits within funnel systems! For example, they are an excellent way to gather lead information from email data capture.

If your agency hasn’t harnessed the glorious power of email lead generation, you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity. What else? Letting Agents are already working incredibly hard 25/8, so keeping an online platform alive is a massive (and expensive) inconvenience. Funnels enable automated lead generation which means that they are incredibly self-sufficient. Less work but more leads. Funnels are the perfect way to work smart, not hard.

“The Funnel System has revolutionised my way of thinking!”

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Now that you know a little bit about the beauty of Funnels, why not become a master? Benefit fully from the convenient, cost-effective and positive result-filled concept that we call Funnels. Want to see some of the success that people have received from dabbling in the art of funnel creation?

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