What will you do if your doors could open again next week? One of the big questions we have been getting a lot of recently is what happens with my staff when they come back from Furlough?! Here’s Three Things to consider when ‘Unfurloughing’ staff!

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There’s no denying that our businesses have changed a lot, some roles may no longer be needed and for some of us offices may not be needed! We’ve discovered that we can actually survive without being in the business daily and not having an office may be an option to save costs! But if you do keep your offices, does every single person need to come back? Are there some roles that could stay remote that aren’t front-facing and dealing with customers directly?

Something else to consider is, that role REALLY needed, we need to do what is right for the business so if redundancy is an option for some people it may need to be considered. Although, with redundancy, the same process is still needed. You need to give notice and you are making the ROLE redundant, so you cannot fill that role again for 3 months. But what do we do when staff do come back? Staff members who have not actively kept up with the business are going to have a massive surprise when they walk through the doors!

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The business has changed, there are new processes, I have changed and it is essentially going to be retraining some staff members that haven’t kept in contact! – so how can we get them up to speed with what has been going on?

Could we start having catch up zooms now to start introducing them to the changes? If we don’t start introducing them to the changes now BEFORE the doors re-open we could have A LOT of issues with business returning to ‘normal’… We need to start thinking of ways to prepare our staff for coming back. Whether that’s starting to send them update emails, asking them to watch our content or catching up with them in Zoom. Certain things need to happen to prepare them. And finally:

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I understand that staff may be like family so you may not want to consider getting rid of them, so what else could they do? If your business has started creating an online presence could they assist with creating content? Could we teach them new skills to fit into a different role? Even if in some cases it would require retraining, it would be beneficial to keep certain staff members rather then considering redundancy. That being said… NEVER MOVE A PROBLEM.

If they are a problem in one role they are going to be a problem in another. If someone is genuinely not going to be any use to where your business is going and will create more issues than they will fix, they need to go!

If you start thinking of these now and start taking action, opening your doors again will become much easier. You’ll find that some of your staff will rise to the challenge and you will be equipped to start crushing it the moment the doors open. Let me know below what your thoughts are on starting to ‘unfurloughing ‘your staff in my Facebook group, I’d love to hear what you are considering doing!

I wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to hear the stories of you returning to ‘normal’!