Bank of Free Educational Webinars

Coaching sessions from home - how to develop fresh new leads and increase PROFIT

14th October, 2020

Key things you need to know before setting up a letting agency

Sally Lawson & Kate Gregory

For the 9th webinar in this free series, Sally delivers a crash course for those who are seeking to set up a successful letting agency. No secrets held back.

23rd September, 2020

How to generate 200-300 Landlord & Vendor LEADS for your Agency

Sally Lawson & Kate Gregory

In the September edition of the Agent Rainmaker Free Webinars Series, we show you how to generate leads every single MONTH! (and how to automate the process, so it happens without you!)

26th August, 2020

The 6 Secrets To Increase Your Profit Margin

Sally Lawson & Kate Gregory

For decades now, the work involved in running a letting agency has become more and more complex, the roles are too time-consuming and this all leads to one thing, more demand on time, and therefore cost and the result is a reduced profit margin.

My mission is to change that.

29th July, 2020

12 things you need to know about outsourcing to stop making MISTAKES

Sally Lawson & Dawn Bennett

The 5th Webinar in this FREE SERIES will show you how outsourcing your BACK-end can free up your time when done CORRECTLY. In this webinar Sally will cover 12 things that you must consider to avoid making more work for yourself.

8th July, 2020

Identifying and increasing the 4 levers that will increase your PROFIT margin FAST 

Sally Lawson & Kate Gregory

Grab your notepad, because Sally will be highlighting to you the 4 levers within your business that you can increase to boost your profit margin.

24th June, 2020

The hands-off social media solutions

Sally Lawson & Kate Gregory

You can’t be a social media maniac AND have a life, right? WRONG! Sally reveals her best tips and advice on how you can master your social media.

10th June, 2020

The key numbers to manage, target, and review in your agency

Sally Lawson & Kate Gregory

Are you a business owner or a letting agent first? You HAVE to keep track of your numbers, here’s which ones. 

27th May, 2020

Generating fresh new leads from Landlord seminars and webinars

Sally Lawson & Kate Gregory

How to run Landlord Seminars and Webinars to generate NEW landlord leads.

2nd May, 2018

The rapid rant method

Sally Lawson

How to convert let only landlords to fully managed & the secret to how you only ever take on fully managed instructions from this point forward.