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We’re making it VIRTUAL on the 19th, 20th & 21st February 2021!

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Choose your 1-day workshop to generate leads, optimise your profit or save time

We are proud to offer three BRAND NEW 1-day workshops, each tailored to tackle the three biggest challenges Business Owners and Letting Agents are facing in the new world.

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Generate Leads

Optimise Profit

Save Time

The virtual Legendary BOOTCAMP

4 Day Business Immersion

If you haven’t attended the 4-day LEGENDARY Bootcamp, then you are missing one of what is soon becoming an ESSENTIAL progression for agents everywhere… This is THE event they all talk about, where we help you to completely REMODEL your agency, build your next 4 years growth plans, and discover literally 100’s of new ways to GROW, EXPAND and squeeze ever more profit from your business. Many have generated over 100k some have generated over £1,000,000 (million) additional revenue from what they learned at this event, but you need to be there to experience it. Transformational, motivational, and not like ANYTHING you will have ever done before. Running Every 3 months.

“Inspiring and motivational Bootcamp with many lightbulb moments. Providing clarity and focus to grow your agency. Setting goals provides a wealth of tools to implement what you have learned!”

Nicola Wilkes

“Bootcamp was awesome! I have run my first hustle gang which resulted in 4 valuations, 24 invites to our landlord seminar which we used as a hook for the hustle gang, and an instant £300 payment for referencing a landlord was going to do on his own for a tenant he found on gumtree!”

Venessa Afonja

“The 4-day Agent Rainmaker Bootcamp has been incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed and have taken a wealth of ideas to run with! Thanks to Sally and her awesome team! Training like no other, I am totally inspired!”

Caroline Stephens

Xcelerator Programme

12-month AR Membership

Throughout the 12-month ARX programme you will work in small groups and 1-2-1 with you coach through the most successful Agent Rainmaker GROWTH strategies, to get these implemented into your business so you can realise the same results as our other members and maybe even better! We give you the tools, the training, support, and open up our entire team to support you in your business GROWTH mission AND we have FUN together too. It’s like a FAMILY, but on a MISSION”

Our Clients Success Stories

James Scollard

From saying “I would be better off closing the doors” to getting his LOVE for the business back.

Kat and San 

From Serviced Offices to over £1,000,000

Sue Gidney

Letting Agent Achieves Massive Growth in the Toughest Market in Decades!

Barrie McDowell 

Faced with losing staff, Letting Agent Barrie, made changes FAST


Business Woman and Mother Gets Her Life Back

Adam Lawrence 

From 0 to £1Million – The Story Of How ONE Man Built An Agency Empire From Nothing

Angharad Trueman 

30 Year Old Agency TRANSFORMS and generates extra £500K

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