Join The Most Successfully Proven Growth Programme For Letting Agents In The UK 

We offer a 12-month Mastermind for letting agents that want to optimise their letting agency business and make more money, build more profit and modernise their lead generation (whilst also building the systems and team for growth)

This mastermind gives you the complete tools, systems, training and support you need to implement everything you need to do along the way.

It’s hard to find the solutions to your challenges and “stucks” as a letting or sales agent in this industry, and you can’t exactly go and ask your competitor next door how they are dealing with things.

That’s why we have created the ARX Mastermind.

It is the coming together of like-minded, motivated and action-taking agents bought together within a new and emerging strategy and coaching environment who are always seeking what’s new and better to keep the ideas and opportunities flowing. Everyone in the Mastermind is working together to create the perfect 50% profitable letting agency model.

“I’ve got the best mentors, supporters, innovators, managers, and experts on TAP. Where else can you get that?!” – Tom Soane

“I just love being around top leaders who push you, inspire you, and just bring out the best in you! That’s what the ARX programme is all about!” – Keri McMullen

“It’s like having your hand held to make a success of something you have been trying to aimlessly to do for years. ARX provides all the systems, processes, support, motivation, and inspiration needed to make your business thrive” – Helen Pass

“Personable and professional peer-to-peer guidance support and creative thinking” – David Devlin

“In-depth support and guidance, with a massive load of fun sprinkled on top!” – Hannah White

What are the challenges letting agents face?

There are many reasons letting agencies stop growing, stand still or even start to slip backward… there are also many reasons they don’t make enough revenue, profit or generate enough leads.

The great news is that after working and helping agents grow their businesses for over a decade, there isn’t many problems that cannot be solved with the right tweaks and changes.

Want more leads – this is easily resolved, in fact, many of our ARX members are now generating 100-300 new leads every month.

Want more revenue – again, even without taking on a single new landlord, most of our ARX members add an additional £100k plus within weeks of joining using our agency optimisation strategy.

Want to start growing again – there are many techniques on how you can grow your agency, with more leads, the acquisition of competitors, mergers, adding additional services and additional business, all of which are coached within our ARX Mastermind, including 5 ways to buy a business without using your own cash or borrowing funds.

Need more profit? – This is a large part of the ARX programme, a business should be making a profit, so over 24 of the elements of the programme are based around profit increase, which is how we have helped many agents now reach 50% and above profit margin in their business.

Want to earn more from the business for yourself? – Of course, you do, that is why you set up in business, when you earn more you can serve more and do more and of course get the life you dreamed off, but for many letting agents, this seems hopeless, always struggling to make ends meet or paying themselves last… this needs to change and again, this is an easy fix.

Team driving you mad? – We recognise that a business cannot be built without your team on board and the rightpeople on board, but also with the right environment coaching and structures… There is a whole program around team coaching, development and recruitment to make sure you get these right on track… in fact we will even coach your team for you.

Sally Lawson set up her first letting agency in 1990 and quickly became the market leader in the town, then went on to launch her franchise in 2010, became President of ARLA in 2017-2018 but is probably more well known for being a key industry speaker at most of the top industry events as well as a best-selling author.

Sally and the team have been working with agents since 2010, helping them launch and grow their businesses, in fact, under the Agent Rainmaker Brand, Sally has coached over 1800 letting agency businesses since 2016 initially focusing on generating more revenue to beat the tenant fee ban and then now focused on lead generation, income growth and profit increases.

Sally is also a 2 time award winning funnel builder (awarded by ClickFunnels USA) and was one of the first to introduce a range of lead generation funnels to the lettings industry, to massively scale up and automate new lead generation in agency businesses.

Hear From Some Of Our ARX Members

Proven Successes

What we coach here at Agent Rainmaker is a little different to what you will find at a traditional letting agency coaching event, it’s not your typical “how to do a valuation”, or “how to do a call out”, it’s much more in-depth than that, it’s about good business management, profit optimisation, service creation, lead generation and automation, team building, mindset, belief and culture – amongst many other things.

You will also be actually given the tools you need to make the changes… nothing is left to figure out, you are given the coaching, the templates, the letters, the tools and the support to walk you through the same changes hundreds of agents have made before you to transform their business… you can also speak to those who have already been through the process before you and take comfort in hearing their experiences too.

We don’t coach old techniques, we assume you already know the essentials, we coach new techniques learned from other industries adapted for the letting agency world, so therefore comes across as totally new and different to anything you will have seen elsewhere.

The success stories of our previous delegates are for all to see on our YouTube channel, and some of them above… and because they are still part of our community you can speak to them first hand and all of them are willing to speak and share their experience of transformation, in fact we are so confident in our members success, that we GUARANTEE that success.

So, what do get within the ARX Mastermind Membership?

Momentum Days x 10

A range of courses, varying from year to year, focusing on specific skills, for you and your team, we also organise some outside speakers in most quarters too. The courses vary but include Lead generation, compliance, Estate Agency, BDM role management, legal training, converting business, speaking skills, money management, acquiring other businesses, making videos, social media, marketing and team management (and much more).

Quarterly Meetings x 4

You get invited to 4 quarterly ARX member meetings per year. These are full coaching and masterminding days (but have been made fun), where you will also get to mix, meet and mingle with all the other ARX members, hear their success stories, their challenges and work together to find a resolution. There’s always a fun night session and dinner so you can  get to know agents from all around the UK and in many cases life-long friends. These can also be attended on zoom if you prefer and are recorded if you can’t attend.

Monthly POD Group Meeting (Zoom)

Each month you will be invited to join a small POD group with a few agents in a similar position to you to form a working and support group, these are really effective for problem finding and building relationships.

Staff and Skills Coaching

Each month for 10 months of the year we run skill training days (delivered virtually), and as part of the ARX mastermind, you can send some or all of your team on any or all of them!

They are full training days and focus on specific skills needed to work in agency. For example, we have a Tenancy Manager day, a Legal and Advanced Legal day(s), Compliance Officer training, Lettings Manager training, training for Lead Generation and Lead Conversion skills, BDM & Call Setter Training Day, as well as a Intro To Estate Agency Day!

Legislation & Compliance

During your membership, you will have the benefit of regular updates from our resident legal expert, Dawn Bennett. These updates will be provided during ARX meetings and legal training days, held quarterly. Additionally, she will be available to provide guidance and advice on any legal matters that may arise during your membership, including the legal helpline and and documents vault.

Lead Generation Funnels

Funnels have become a powerful tool for generating leads, and we are proud experts in this field, as evidenced by our two CCX award wins for funnel building. As part of your current membership, we will work with you to build a custom funnel for each quarter of your membership. This will allow you to automate your lead generation process and attract a diverse range of landlords to your business. The funnels will be fully customized with your brand and tailored to your specific needs.

Media Team Support

Our Inhouse Team are responsible for building funnels for dozens of agents, generating leads, organic social media traffic etc, and during your membership our team is here to support you in any online “techy” questions you may have around marketing, lead generation, funnels, email marketing or social media.


You will have a complete toolbox that has all the forms, letters, guides, templates, downloads, and step by step guides you need to implement everything you need.

Learning Platform

You will have full access to our vault of coaching ad training to coach you and your team through every angle of our training and development, plus a full team training and development programme (separate). This means you can learn at your own pace and get your whole team involved.

Success Awards

We want to recognise your success as you make the necessary changes to your business, and for that reason every year at Agent Rainmaker Live we give out our annual awards. We have a range of awards that as you progress through the programme you can apply for, and these are big attractive awards… the main levels are £100,000 additional revenue, £250,000 additional revenue, £500,000, and for the high achievers there is a £1,000,000 award too.

Giving Back

Once you have made the changes to your business, we will encourage you to share your story with other agents to motivate them to change and to give back to the community, this is totally up to you, but if you do opt for this we will support you in this process of giving back to the community and serving.