The Xcelerator Membership

The Programme where SUCCESS happens

We want to invite you to join the “Agent Rainmaker Xcelerator” programme, so we can help you on your journey to adding £100k or more to your revenue

The 12-month IMMERSION Membership programme

We’re Looking For A Few More Agent Rainmakers To Work With… 

If that’s you… we want to invite you to join the “Agent Rainmaker Xcelerator” programme, so we can help you on your journey to adding £100k or more to your revenue.

This is a full-on 12-month programme for agents that just have to have success… We love to work with motivated, action-taking, and ambitious agents, where we know our strategies and community can literally help them transform their business.

On average each place on the ARX coaching programme generates for the business owner additional revenue of £330,000!

But we DON’T accept just anyone, but when you’re in, you’re in… To apply please complete the application form or schedule a call to discuss in more detail.

Have you noticed…

All the most successful people in the world, from athletes to actors to singers, have coaches? Why should a business be any different?

Also, Successful people also have a POWER group of like-minded people to work with, share ideas, and support them too, it’s a lonely place at the top.

PLUS, they put themselves in environments that stimulate new ideas, new strategies, and possibilities so they can constantly evolve and achieve MORE!

This Programme, the AR Xcelerator, is all of the above…

It a group of Letting Agency Owners, coming together, to discover looking for WHATS new from Sally and her RESEARCH team, and learn how to implement it, it’s about testing new strategies, as well as embedding those already proven, it’s about taking action and being pro-active, not reactive in your business

But it’s also about sharing results with others, it’s about supporting each as a team with a common goal, It’s about giving motivation to others and getting motivation for the motivator (the boss)

So that ultimately, you can be the BEST version of yourself, with a TEAM to work through challenges AND have the BEST business you can dream of

(Sally and her expert coaching team have helped agents across the UK add over £11,000,000 to their revenue in just 2 years… if you want to do the same, this is the BEST place to be).

How AR Xcelerator member “Tom Soane” went from £78k revenue to over £500k in just 6 months

“In-depth support and guidance, with a massive load of fun sprinkled on top!”

Hannah White

“I’ve got the best mentors, supporters, innovators, managers, and experts on TAP. Where else can you get that?!”

Tom Soane

“I just love being around top leaders who push you, inspire you, and just bring out the best in you! That’s what the ARX programme is all about!”

Keri Mcmullen

“Personable and professional peer-to-peer guidance support and creative thinking”

David Devlin

“Expert industry-specific coaching and community that I’ve been looking for since starting my business; now I’ve found it, I’m hurtling towards achieving the goals for my business at a rate I never thought possible”

Patrick Garratt

“It’s like having your hand held to make a success of something you have been trying to aimlessly to do for years. ARX provides all the systems, processes, support, motivation, and inspiration needed to make your business thrive”

Helen Pass

We have fun TOGETHER too. Here we enjoyed a warm weathered immersion holiday!

The Agent Rainmaker Success Programme members are renowned for their successes as business owners. The level of growth reached is unimaginable to most, but it IS both very real and reachable!

Here are some Rainmakers who went through the ARX programme and went on to win an award for achieving growth of over 100k or more additional in revenue last year!

Heather Hilder-darling added an ADDITIONAL £154,000 to her businesses revenue.

Michael Mortimer added an ADDITIONAL £600,000 to his businesses revenue.

Paul Clark added an ADDITIONAL £301,000 to his businesses revenue.

Kevin Parsons added an ADDITIONAL £100,000 to his businesses revenue.

Gary Taylor added an ADDITIONAL £228,000 to his businesses revenue.

Vito Fierro added an ADDITIONAL £125,000 to his businesses revenue.

Businesswoman Cara Khadaroo added an ADDITIONAL £125,000 to her revenue.