Want to know how to maximise efficiency and productivity in business and deliver a high standard of service for your clients? Great! You have already taken the first steps towards forming growth business habits that will set your business apart from competitors. Going above and beyond in these five major areas will enable exponential business growth and development – we have pinpointed the five key business habits to help your business excel?  

Regularly Set and Adjust Business Aims 

Regularly checking and adjustments of your business aims will enable you to clearly focus on what is needed to go above and beyond for your company growth. Firstly, it will enable you to assess where the business is currently at. Some of your initial aims when you first began the business may have been met already, so this is an excellent opportunity to either celebrate your successes or locate your businesses areas of weakness. 

Understanding where you want your business to go can be a daunting topic for most business owners, however, it is also incredibly important to consider in order to avoid stunting your businesses growth. Revisiting past aims and goals that you previously had for the business is the first step. Evaluating if you have achieved these past goals is the second step; you will have either achieved those goals and need new objectives and goals. Or you haven’t quite reached where you initially set out to reach and need to understand why this is the case. Don’t know where to start? Perhaps a second perspective is what you need?  

Evaluate your Business as You Go and Ask the Difficult Questions 

Continual evaluation is essential if you want to improve upon your business. Being able to realistically evaluate where you currently are will help you to dictate to where you want to be. Are you meeting your targets? Are there certain staff members who require further training that may be holding the business back from excelling? Can you be providing more support to you staff and your customer base? These are the crucial questions that you will benefit from asking. See areas of weakness as an opportunity for development. Even the strongest of companies in the world have to conduct regular business health checks to better themselves and continue to progress! Want to know how to better assess where your business is at. Take the time to learn more on Restarting for optimal success here! 

Don’t be Afraid to Restructure your Business 

Now that you have done all of the leg work and the in-depth internal business research, it’s time to practice what you preach! One serious issue that key decision makers face is the ability to make actual changes. Rather than tweaking small elements of the business that are going significantly wrong, what sense does it make to only make minor changes to big problems? Instead, understand the scale of those issues and completely change your strategy for mass effect. 

 We’re not saying that there won’t be teething problems to begin with, you may even require elements of support but if it address the key structural issues within your business, this will massively benefit the business in the long-run. We have found that business owners who are less likely to extend themselves outside of their comfort zone often end up with stagnant businesses. They become bored, complacent and lose the passion for their careers that they once had. We as lettings and sales professionals thrive on change – this still applies to the running’s of a business.  

Be Proactive when Sourcing Leads  

As sales and lettings professionals, lead sourcing is the glue that holds the business together. Having a long list of leads not only takes the pressure off of your sales and lettings team, it also enables you to scout new opportunities and do you research before going in for the conversion. There are ways to make the cold-calling process a little warmer! Cold-calling is possible the most daunting part of the job just because you automatically put yourselves on the back-foot because you are asking for something. Instead, why not cold-call potential leads who have already displayed an interest in what you have to offer? Unsure on how to locate this?  

Prop-tech is constantly changing the lead generation landscape so as agents and industry professionals, it is important to stay up-to-date on the types of software out there that can benefit this process. Lead generation is going online because on average, people are spending 24 hours per week online AND online sales are through the roof at 82 percent – this should help you to direct where you need to be sourcing your leads. Sourcing leads both online and in person can be incredibly time consuming, which is why they have created the online automated lead generation system, made purposefully to revolutionise the cold-calling process.  

Want to know more about online lead generation? Check out this article!

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