Industry experts commend business owners who aim to work smarter, rather than harder. The Agent Rainmaker Legendary Bootcamp teaches business owners exactly how to do this. How? With five proven formulas that will separate your business into modular elements that can be improved upon and adapted to make your team stronger, increase lead generation and be more ‘money-smart’. Maximise your additional revenue with five formulas for exponential business growth.

We have devised 5 key formulas for business owners to maximise their revenue, team efficiency, and lead generation!



Understanding specific and effective processes, designed to maximise the efficiency of the business will massively benefit your management strategy. This will enable you to overcome the complexities of running an agency and successfully managing a team. At Agent Rainmaker’s Legendary Bootcamp, agency owners can learn how to segment your business and implement systems designed for optimal organisation. Avoid embarrassing mistakes or worse, having to work ten times as hard for the exact same result.



Implement an effective strategy that will enable you to achieve growth AND reduce costs. Invest your time in research, development and exploration. Generate new ideas by analysing what the competition is doing, to form your own ideas from their influences. It’s important therefore to look at what other businesses, other industries and other countries are doing to operate, grow and reduce costs, this requires the business owner to be investing TIME into strategic development.


Lead Generation

Agent’s need to be creative and proactive when sourcing new leads. Every agent is leaflet dropping, void lettering vacant properties and cold calling. Using the digital elements of letting is the way to stand out amongst your competitors. In fact, the AR Bootcamp teaches just this with a new style of lead generation. Automated Online Lead Generation through ‘Funnels’ will remove the starvation mode that most businesses will encounter when things go quiet. Rather than wondering where the next lead is coming from next, automated lead generation enables agents to build a back-burner list to reduce stress and ‘quiet periods’. This type of proactive activity will effectively enable your business to generate new leads without the aches and pains of searching. Let the leads come to you. This is possible with the digital system presented to you by Sally Lawson in the Legendary Bootcamp.


Knowing your Numbers

When breaking down every element of your businesses outgoing costs, you will begin to notice the blind spots in your approach. At the end of the day, even those working at the top are fallible to making the odd mistake. Having a second eye to cast over this may result in saving your business a fortune. Not to mention, it also enables you to analyse WHERE you could be making significant cut-backs to make the business more cost effective. Then you can work on conversions, additional services and expansion too. To do so before this exercise is just growing the problem!

Building an A-Player Team as a Business Owner

Richard Branson said that it is actually “not customer first, but customer second. Staff/ team member’s first and then customer’s second”. Why? Because your team are the glue that holds the business together. When you have successful internal management, then the external management becomes 100 times easier. At the same time, ensuring that your employees are on track and supported enough to have the confidence to complete their jobs to the best of their ability, goes hand in hand with this idea. It is also important to ensure that employees are given responsibilities along with accountability. Measuring the performance of your team and ensuring that everyone is on the same page is vital. AR Bootcamp can help you to achieve just this!


Thank you for taking the time to read our article. We hope that you will consider reading more on our Legendary Agent Rainmaker Bootcamp and go onto visit us for this event, hosted by Ex-ARLA President, Sally Lawson. We are excited to be sharing secrets to really explode your business.


Luscombe & Co Barrie McDowell: Implementing The Legendary Bootcamp Formulas!  

After being told that after the Tenant Fee Ban, Luscombe and Co would be losing £45,000 in revenue, Barrie decided to take action to make up for this lost revenue.

“I had to change, my business had to change”.

Barrie discovered that he had been missing lots of opportunities because he was too busy ‘working in the business rather than working on the business’. From the Legendary Bootcamp Agent Rainmaker Experience, Barrie significantly increased his revenue to £3,000 a month. Overall, Luscombe and Co achieved £100,000 in additional revenue to the business. But now, they are striving for so much more and can see exponential opportunities for business growth.

“It was an eye opener” See Barrie’s story here

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