Here at Agent Rainmaker, we 100% believe that ANY content ANYONE consumes should be;

  1. Educational
  2. Inspirational
  3. FUN

And no matter what you may have consumed from us, may it be a download, a video, content within the Facebook community, or a course/event that we run, you will have noticed, it is HIGH ENERGY, FUN and PASSIONATE, we do certainly go all out to, say the least.

But up until now, we have NEVER had a podcast, so those AR members who enjoy this auditory style of communication may have felt a little left out. 

Now, my husband walks around the house day in and day out, listening to Podcasts, so why I didn’t think kick-starting my podcast of this sooner, I have no idea, but hey ho, it is what it is. 

But NOW we have a PODCAST! I have been interviewing some AMAZING people from the business, marketing, and property industry world, just to share with YOU, our Agent Rainmaker Community, new ideas and strategies for your business, but also to have a bit of fun, on a different medium. 

We are going all in, on this, like we do everything (have you ever been to one of our events?) and will be releasing 2 new podcast interviews EVERY week, so all subscribers, will be meeting NEW, exciting, and thought-provoking LEADERS in their field EVERY week.

These podcasts will all be focusing on MY favorite topics though; some of which include, BUSINESS GROWTH, MARKETING, and SUCCESS strategies… (and we all love a good story too, such as HOW they got to where they are.

So, please hop over HERE and click SUBSCRIBE, so we can share a couple of hours together each week, I really cannot wait to share with you, these amazing people I am interviewing.

I’ll see you when you tune in!

Sally Lawson – A brand NEW PODCASTER… (I quite like that title!)