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We run an extensive range of training events to help letting agents become business owners again, starting with our virtual 1-day Letting Agency Optimisation Workshop, where Sally will show you how you can get your business growing again, the Legendary Bootcamp, where we help you restructure your business for profit and a 12-month mentorship program where we guide you through this process and hold you accountable.

What do you need help with?

I Need Help Generating More Leads

Agency Marketing Intensive (3-days)

10th – 12th July 2024

5 Expert speakers, 3 Days and 12 Lead Generation techniques for Letting Agents.

Take CONTROL of your marketing forever by learning this essential marketing system and creating consistent, quality leads for your business every day. 

As a business owner, the marketing side of your business must evolve just like your legal paperwork and sales processes do, but as we get busy, it’s so easy to keep doing what we have always done…

The Letting Agency Optimisation Workshop

16th July 2024 or 29th August 2024 – 10am – 4pm – Delivered Virtually

Discover How To Increase Your Letting Agency Revenue Without Increasing Workload Or Costs

Join Sally for a whole day, to learn the techniques that are seriously adding revenue and profit to Letting Agency businesses UK-wide and helping agents work less…

I Need Help Building A Plan For Major Growth

The Legendary Bootcamp (4-day Business Immersion)

17th – 20th September 2024

Whether you need help building a plan for major growth, are ready to explode your business, or re-build from the ground up, then you need to attend our 4-day LEGENDARY Bootcamp. It is fast becoming an ESSENTIAL progression for agents everywhere…

Many who have attended have gone on to generate over £100k, some have generated over £1 Million additional revenue from what they learned at this event, but you need to be there to experience it.

Transformational, motivational, and not like ANYTHING you will have ever done before. Running Every 3 months, learn more about the Legendary Bootcamp and more of our success stories!

Future Proof  Your Business

Agent Rainmaker Live 2024

November 7th – 8th, London

2-day conference especially for letting agents or estate agents with a lettings arm that want to OPTIMISE their letting agency business.

Our focus 100% is on solving the challenges we face right now and making our business more robust, more revenue generative and profitable (plus a growth focused fun place to be)

The event where we give you the tools to defeat and smash through the 10 BIG challenges in the industry right now…

How To Add £100K Annual Revenue To Your Letting Agency

Access your FREE 45 minute training session

Join our FREE 45-minute Virtual Training Session with Letting Agency Growth Expert Sally Lawson on how to add 100k revenue to your Letting Agency Business

I Need All The Tools, Guidance, Steps & RESULTS NOW!

The Xcelerator Membership Program (12 Month Membership)

ARX is our 12-month membership for those business owners who just have to be successful. Together we’ll learn the latest strategies, share results and support each other.

On average each place on the ARX coaching programme generates for the business owner an additional revenue total of £183,000! You’re welcome to book a call with one of our lead coaches to learn more, or if you have any questions.

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