1) Not Establishing Your KEY Avatars

Before you start to promote any product, It’s worth taking some real time to establish who are going to be your KEY Avatars for the product you want to start promoting and the MORE specific you are the more success you will have (and the less money you will spend per lead too) You want to get to the level of what they do in their spare time, where they hang out, who they follow online, what brands they like, and what they do for a job, earning status, etc but also what they DON’T follow, like or inhibit knowing these key habits, will enable you to be laser-sharp in your advert targeting… 

2) Not Spending Enough 

When you start doing FB ads in, particular, it’s easy to be over-cautious, and this means that FB doesn’t get a chance to KNOW your audience and their habits… FB algorithms will HELP your advert get traction, but it needs time to learn how to do this, so it’s worth spending more. Ideally, you need at least 50-100 conversions per ad set per week. To achieve this, you would need a sizable budget so that Facebook can efficiently power your adsBy way of an example, If you wanted to achieve a £5 per lead conversion rate, you would need to set your budget to a minimum of £35-£50/day. 

3) Set Up and RUN 

I would say the BIGGEST sin Newbie FB ads managers do, is setting up their adverts and then forgetting about them… FB ads need to be checked, tweaked and monitored, to make sure they are first of all LIVE, then still converting and monitored until they start to dwindle in responses (need renewing or refreshing). 

4) Identify Your PRIMARY OFFER

I have seen so many ads that are just plain confusing, you see them and you’re not really sure what they are offering or why YOU should be interested… so to make sure your ads are going to work…

A) Identify what your Customer WANTS

B) Create a compelling HIGH-VALUE Offer

C) Bullet points to detail the FULL offer

D) Tell the story (that relates to your avatar) of why they NEED IT. In short, If your offer is not SEXY, does not relate to the PAINS or WANTS they have right now, or doesn’t seem AWESOME VALUE, then your ad will NOT work.

5) Using Language That Facebook Does NOT Like 

Facebook is trying to create a community, where people WANT to hang out, so if you BREAK their rules with relation to language, offers, etc, they will NOT allow your ads… this is VERY complex because their algorithms will pick up certain words, different terms and now they even track the pages you are sending the ads to in the links and what you say on the video too, so this can be hard. So, in brief, be careful of terminology that sounds like “Get rich quick”, Multi-Level Marketing terminology, or BIG promises, that seem unfounded Also don’t be TOO scary or negative (no one wants to hang out in a bar where everyone is telling you you are OLD, FAT and STUPID. So, in summary, make sure you KNOW your customers, build them an offer that they REALLY want, keep your offer short and CLEAR, Watch your language, set a good budget (its an investment) and MONITOR your ad accounts daily whilst you are getting it going. Good Luck!

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