Right now, Event Companies are amongst the worst hit industries, alongside hotels, holiday companies, and charities.

Here at Agent Rainmaker, we thrive on making a difference, and with that
in mind we decided to throw caution to the wind and change just that.

We decided now was the time to step up and see what exactly CAN be done.


As we were unable to run events, we decided to turn our team’s attention to setting up and running an online SUMMIT called the “PIVOT your business Summit 2020” and pledged ALL the profits to go to Promise Dreams – a small but hugely worthwhile charity based in Wolverhampton, that provides dreams to seriously ill children all over the UK.

In the beginning, we noticed it was tough selling tickets, as throughout April, people were struggling and businesses were struggling. However, we persevered, pulled a few favors and we amassed an awesome lineup of expert speakers and coaches, all who offered to dedicate their time for FREE for such an awesome cause.

Our PIVOT your business Summit ran from Thursday the 14th – Saturday the 16th May, consisting of 3 whole days, with over 24 speakers, and TONS of hugely valuable business growth and marketing content. We had over 100 people sign up to attend this online event, and in total, we raised £7,120 for Promise Dreams in the process…

But that’s not the end of it, our amazing speakers started their own campaigns, delegates started donating, and post-event, the amazing generosity amassed a further £3,250… all together, totaling a whopping £11,370 raised!

With this incredible amount raised, and more online fundraising still taking place, we have been able to help a small charity in need during this difficult time, and have also enabled dreams to happen that were previously suspended. Having worked closely with Suresh Bawa, the CEO of Promise Dreams, we know the importance of fundraising for the charity. We caught up with him after our event where he said “I was just blown away! I didn’t believe there was ANY way we could raise funds during this time, but these amazing group of Agent Rainmakers, speakers and coaches, proved us wrong and as a result, 6 wonderful children will get their dreams delivered now, when they had previously told it was not possible” So, in the end, EVERYONE won. Our awesome speakers were able to contribute their time to an amazing cause, our delegates were able to get loads of valuable information for their businesses, and the children got their dreams.

At a time when good news is light on the ground, our success with the PIVOT Your Business Summit just shows what CAN be done, and what IS possible when we think outside the box… and there are people who DO CARE and are prepared to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in any way they can. Our PIVOT Your Business 2020 Summit was so well received, and the feedback from our attendees was AMAZING. Because of this, we have decided to organise another summit: PIVOT Your Business Winter, and you can find out more below…