Section 21 notices to be banned for landlords in England announces government today

The government has decided that in light of what we believe to be inaccurate “claims” that 46% of tenants received eviction notices within 6 months and other misguided statements by various tenant support groups, to take action to remove the ability for landlords to use the section 21 notice.

The removal of this essential document could lead to even more landlords leaving the already suffering market.

Any landlord looking to rent a property short term will soon not be able to, and will be forced to rent indefinitely unless adequate new grounds are given like those that were issued in Scotland.

In Scotland tenancies are now open ended and have no end date, similar to the “Assured Tenancy” and it appears will be the same here.

We foresee that without additional provision for landlords that “need” their properties back this will lead to a further reduction in the already dwindling housing stock and a further tilt in supply and demand.

A further restriction in supply and risk for landlords will likely lead again to even more rises in rent and tenants suffering as a result.

In December 2017, Scotland section 33 (their version of section 21) was no longer allowed for no fault possession, however the government added a few extra grounds for possession for when a landlord has “reasonable cause” such as needing to sell the property, move back in or refurbish.

The abolishment of the section 21 has been campaigned for by so many organisations I am not surprised by this move and have been discussing this for some time (as anyone who has been in any of my rooms knows).

Let’s hope the government listens and gives landlords the ability to get their properties back when “needed” because in reality that is what most of them do anyway…

Below is an article from shelter themselves on the new grounds for possession in Scotland (let’s hope we get these too).

Grounds for eviction for private residential tenancy tenants

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