Joining Forces 

Over recent years, the letting industry community has joined forces for the greater good! We’re incredibly happy to be a part of the journey and want to praise the positivity and optimism seen within the letting communityduring this challenging and unprecedented time. 

Industry professionals have begun to notice the benefits of staying connected and engaged with agents outside of their internal circle. Even outside of the current restrictions, we believe that the community will continue this strong industry-united attitude, seeing its fantastic results year after year. Here are a few examples of the positive results gained from an industry united!

A Sense of Belonging for the Individual  

Going back five years ago, a sense of community for letting agents was close to non-existent in the UK. Over the years, attitudes have evolved as more and more agents are joining forces, reaping significant benefits and opportunities from development. However, we have noticed a spike in community togetherness during Covid-19. The urgency to stay connected has overpowered the unsociable action of social distancing without irresponsibly ignoring the government’s safety advice. 

A community offers purpose, meaning and identity. Agents are seizing this need to connect in order to help them to stay grounded, supported and aware of the changing industry landscape. It provides agents with an emotional connection with the outside world, keeping things fresh and social in a somewhat lonely and dreary period in time. Sitting alone at a computer does not have to feel lonely with modern day technology and the right approach.This belonging keeps motivation and productivity from dipping as well as allowing us to feel part of a bigger picture. For those who have had difficulty functioning during lockdown, the sense of community and belonging will enable them to understand that they are not alone. We are all in this together and together we can navigate our way towards the solutions.  

 Sharing Ideas and Recognising New Opportunities 

As a community, agents are adapting to the latest Covid-19 landscape by digitally uniting as an industry; through zoom meetings, attending webinars, and through social media engagement. They are extending their networks with industry professionals outside of their usual circle of agents, uniting forces with outside agents seeking to gather ideas and new perspectives to grow their businesses! We are tapping into new opportunities and navigating our way around Coronavirus as a collective! 

The view on competition has shifted. Letting agents are no longer steering clear of engaging with their competitors. Ideas are no longer being stolen, they are simply being repurposed and redeveloped to continue expanding as an industry. Instead, agents are using their competition as an effective and inspirational motivator, allowing them to question “what can be done better?” Rather than being blind to the competition and stale ideas keeping the industry stagnant, we are seeing opportunities to expand, develop and learn from the outer community. Agents are still being proactive, factoring in prospects to grow and ways to challenge the traditional letting agent role.  

Prioritising Our Wellbeing 

Ensuring that the emotional needs of agents are met, has been a priority for most businesses during the pandemic, we have recognised. Our empathetic abilities as entrepreneurs and letting agents have been amplified, allowing us to support and share successes with our fellow letting agents. Rather than considering external letting agents as enemies, we have combined our personalities and talents and skilfully adapted around this situation. As people, not just letting agents, we are social by nature and need this sense of community to survive and thrive, which is EXACTLY what has been achieved over the last couple of years. Developing our attitudes towards networking and connecting outside of our usual circle is how we will survive and prosper as an industry.

Preparations and Proactivity 

As letting agents across the UK prepare to return back into the office following the easing of lockdown restrictions, we have seen such drive in the community in making its plans and policies to return to work. At Agent Rainmaker, over 90 people attended our Coronavirus Return to Work Webinar on Monday the 2nd of June, where industry professionals attended to learn more about the precautions and responsibilities that they would need to consider in their preparations.  

We were incredibly pleased by our attendees’ dedication to understanding and engaging with responsible policy-making, in order to ensure the safety of both themselves, their internal staff members and of their customers. Agent Rainmaker is proud to have hosted the webinar and in turn, generated such a positive outcome! With access to community and a few familiar faces, confusion is avoided, safety is prioritised. We can feel as though we have provided maximum support as an organisation set on nurturing and growing individual businesses.  

The Bottom Line 

The world may feel as though it has stopped; the business may feel slower and plans may be cancelled. However, if we continue to support one another and keep the connections booming, we will come out of the lockdown stronger than ever together. Agent Rainmaker supports and advocates this attitude because we believe that in the face of a crisis, we do not panic and retreat, we look for effective and tactical solutions. 

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