What IS Agent Rainmaker Live?

A few agents last year in October, were sort of wondering, what on earth was that!

There was this event in Heathrow, not one we have EVER heard of before, and there seemed to be hundreds of agents there, wearing branded t-shirts, having loads of fun, partying and celebrating what an amazing industry this is and winning awards for making loads of money, in a time when everything seems impossible!

Are they all MAD?

Yes, we did really take on and tackle what the expected norm is for a property conference here in the UK with our first ever Agent Rainmaker Live event, and how awesome is that

There were a few people who felt they had missed out, we had a few speakers that decided to do other events instead of ours, because they didn’t know what this event was, a few exhibitors that when they heard how engaged and open minded everyone who went to the conference was, had wished they had dived in and were trying to book spaces the next day 

And already we have had so many people offer to come and speak, it has been overwhelming to say the least!

But I do have to agree, it was a full on, motivational, inspirational and moving experience to be part of… but we want to do it better this year 

We have an even bigger room, we haven’t even launched the tickets yet and the exclusive range of tickets have virtually sold out from pre-launch offers, plus we have exhibitors arguing over spaces…

So, what was different?

Most property conferences are full of legislation, with a talk of fear and prosecution and beware warning, which I know are valuable, I have attended many and we need those…

But we are business people too, we need to be able to see the future, to see the opportunities and the way forward, we want to hear how others have achieved great success, how they have transformed their businesses, we want to hear from REAL people, not just paid speakers…

But we are also HUMAN too, we want to mix and mingle safely amongst peers, friends and people that care, we want to enjoy ourselves, feel recognised and have fun too. we like to party.

What was unique was the way that everyone, even competitors in the same town, travelled together, shared ideas, compared notes and was in it for the good of all, because being part of the Agent Rainmaker community is recognising that there are enough strategies for everyone, there are so many varying types of lead generation potential that can suit everybody (we have 63 in total) that even two agencies in the same town will NOT be doing all the same things…

Abundance, hope, vision, and success is what Agent Rainmaker LIVE is about, sharing with other agents, to learn, grow and be better than you are now and take others with you on that journey too… there really is no other place like it.

It is also a place for giving. During the course of AR Live 2018 as a room we raised over £30,000 for Promise Dreams, a wonderful charity that provides last wishes to terminally ill children. An amazing effort to help bring some joy to those less fortunate than ourselves. 

Last year we had 8 normal agents, challenging their fear of public speaking to stand on stage and deliver their business GROWTH story… but what’s truly amazing is that this year, we have 12 (10 of which are NEW) real success stories, and all of them (bar 1) were in the audience last year, and it was those stories from Sarka, Matylda, Sandra, Angharad, Jayne, Hanna, Sue, Adam, Susan and Daren that inspired this year’s guys to take action… 

Maybe this is your year, to make a difference, not only to yourself but to others too 

Tickets go on sale on the 21st June (and the exclusive range of tickets have almost nearly gone already from sales from 2018) so it’s going to be a big one!


I truly hope to see you there

Sally Lawson